Manifold births ||55||

1Acharya Kanaka’s school of thought dealing with ‘Manifold Births’ is narrated in this Ch. for the pleasure of the astrologers and the common folk.
2Lord Brahma created this Universe at a time, when Cancer was ascending with its Lord and in aspect to Jupiter, while the other 5 planets were in their own Signs. Should one have a similar radix, he will rule over the three worlds enjoying the company of the celestial dames.
3The Science of astrology delineates the immovable and the movable through respective differences of time, omens, form etc.
4-5If all the malefics be with strength, while benefics be bereft of it, one of the Viyoni (Viyoni Rasis are Rasis other than Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius and the first half of Sagittarius) be Signs ascending with Mercury and Saturn be in Angles, or in aspect to the Ascendant, the birth will be of a creature other than human being. The birth will correspond to the Dwadasamsa of the Ascendant, or of the Moon prevailing at Adhana, or in the radix.
6-9The sages have explained the hue, form etc. of the manifold births based on planetary conjunctions and aspects, which I narrate below. The Zodiac personified signifies the several limbs of non-human species, as under: Ariesface, Taurusneck, Gemini and Piscesshoulders and forelegs, Cancer and Aquariusback, Leo and Capricornforelegs, Virgo and Sagittariushind legs, Libraanus and Scorpio tail and genital organ. The right side limbs are denoted by Signs Gemini to Libra, while left side by Signs Scorpio to Pisces.
10-12The strongest Sign, or the strongest Navansa ascending will indicate the hue of such birth. If the Ascendant has a strong planet in it, the hue of the animal and the wounds on its body will correspond to such planet. If a planet is in its own Rasi/Navansa, such effects will be unmixed, while the one in other’s Sign/Navansa, will give a rough version of the hue. The animal will have a mark on its back corresponding to the hue of the planet in the 7th House, or the one aspecting the 7th House. If there are many related thus, the hues of the mark will be equally many, the prime effects being from the strongest of the lot.
13-14The hue of the animal based on the occupant of the Ascendant will be: Jupiteryellow, Moonwhite, Venus variegated, Sun/Marsred, Saturn black, Mercury grass-green. If the planet aspecting the Ascendant be in its own Sign and other’s Navansa, or vice versa, the hue obtainable will be golden.
15-16The planet in the Ascendant will be capable of giving such hue corresponding to the phenomena it is influenced by, viz. Parigha, rainbow, cloud, Parivesh etc. Otherwise, the planet will give the hue due to its nature alone.
17-18If the Ascendant has in it a bird decanate (the first ones of Aquarius and Leo and the second ones of Gemini and Libra), or a Movable Navansa (Aries Navansa and the Navansas angular thereof), or Gemini Navansa/Virgo Navansa and be in aspect to Saturn birds residing on lands will be born. In a similar case, the aspect of the Moon denotes births of birds dwelling in water. If a water resorting Sign be on the Ascendant in aspect to a strong planet, birds related to water will be born. Similarly land-resorting Signs in aspect to strong planets indicate birds of land. The hue of the bird will correspond to the planet concerned.
19Birth of trees is indicated, if the Ascendant, Sun, Jupiter and the Moon are devoid of strength, while others are with strength. Land resorting Signs in the Ascendant indicate trees growing on land, while water resorting Signs indicate plants etc. coming out of water.
20-21If the Lord of rising Navansa be the Sun, trees (or plants in this context) with hard, or strong trunk/stem will be born. The Moon denotes ones milky and soft; Jupiter fruitful, Marsbitter and thorny, Saturnunproductive and useless (to mankind); Venusthe ones yielding flowers and Mercuryunfruitful.
22-23If the said Lord of Ascendant in Navansa be a natural malefic being in the company of a benefic, a sub-standard tree on excellent land is denoted, while in the case of a benefic being Ascendant Lord in Navansa and being in the company of a malefic, the reverse is truei.e. an excellent tree on waste land. If there is a mix in the above planetary description, both the land and the born will be of a mixed nature Watery planets indicate plants growing in water, while land-resorters denote trees etc. growing on earth.
24Note how many Signs away is the Navansa Lagna Lord from the ascending Sign. So many will be the trees in number to be born. Similarly infer by the number denoted between Navansa Ascendant and the planet’s Navansa position.
25-26Manifold birth is indicated, if benefics are in their own Navansa being bereft of strength, while malefics with strength are in their own/other malefics’ Navansas. Such birth is destroyed, if the said Navansa Lord occupies a weak planet’s Sign, is defeated in planetary war, conjunct with, or aspected by a malefic.
27Explained now is four kinds of manifold births, viz. those born of seeds (like plant, tree etc.), those born of womb (like quadrupeds etc.), those born in dirty places (like mosquitoes etc.) and those born of eggs (snakes, birds and the like). These are based on planetary Yogas etc. at birth.
28-29A quadruped is born, if the Sun is in a quadruped Sign, while a weak planet is in a weak Sign. I have explained the relative rules in a brief and general manner. Now told are something surprising (more interesting) and detailed.
30-35Should the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant be strong in a Dwadasamsa related to a Viyoni Sign, the birth will correspond to such Dwadasamsa. If the Moon is in Aries Dwadasamsa in Aries Ascendant, birth of goats, rams etc., will take place. The other Dwadasamsas related to Aries Ascendant will give following effects: Taurus cow, buffalo; Gemini akin to a human being (like monkey, ape etc.); Cancer crab, tortoise etc., Leo tiger etc., Virgo human beings; Libra resembling human beings, Scorpio snakes etc. Sagittarius asses, horses etc., Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces Crocodile/human·being/fish etc. Similarly one can guess about trees, grass etc. Just as the various Dwadasamsas of Aries have been described, the effects for other Signs can also be understood.
36-37The Dwadasamsa effects of the manifold births will depend on the first Dwadasamsa of a Sign and the remaining Dwadasamsa should be understood based on the first division cited. Just as a Dual Rasi with male Navansa causing birth of twins in the case of human beings, in the case of other births male planets in the first Dwadasamsa being in Dual Sign etc., the number of births be decided.
38-40In case of a living being yielding multiples at a time (like snake, hen, bitch etc.) the number of births will depend on Dwadasamsas past. Male/female should be decided by the Dwadasamsas distributed in such Signs. If the Ascendant is tenanted by the Moon/Saturn/Mercury, tortoises etc. will yield such number equaling the Dwadasamsas elapsed. Venus, Mars, Moon, or Saturn being with strength will denote Sattva, Rajas and TamoGunas of the births according to the Amsas.
41If a (qualified) planet occupies other Navansas than of its own, the birth will be unnatural.
42-44Should Scorpio ascend with a biped Navansa birth of snakes, rats, insects, mongoose, scorpions, snakes without poison, deer, cows etc. will take place.
45-46The divisions of Sagittarius with aspect from Jupiter denote birth of horses, asses, camels, buffaloes etc.
47-48Capricorn and its divisions indicate birth of forest animals, like tiger, rhinoceros, swine, wolf elephants (Sarabha apart from meaning an elephant also denotes a fabulous 8 legged animal said to be stronger than even a lion), eagles and the like.
49Pisces (and its divisions) enjoying Jupiter’s aspect relates to creatures living in deep waters, like giant fish, whale etc.
50Aries (and its divisions) with the aspect of Mars portends births of goat, ram etc., while Taurus (and its divisions) with aspect from Venus denotes cow, bull, buffalo etc.
51Thus have to be deduced the possibilities of births of the various creatures depending on the rising Sign with aspect of its own Lord and the divisions of the rising Sign.
52If a Sign resorting to towns/villages (like Gemini) Ascendant with Navansa of Leo/Scorpio/Capricorn, such animals, though wild, as bred in villages, or townships (like elephant, bear etc.) will take their birth.
53In the process, Navansas of land-resorting Signs will indicate births of animals moving on land and water-resorting Signs, animals/creatures dwelling in water.
54If Libra be the Ascendant in aspect to Venus, a decanate of Libra denotes birth of parrots, flaming, partridge etc.
55Peacock, cock/hen, francoline partridge, turtledove and birds living on (only) rain drops, are born, if Leo rises with Sun’s aspect and with various own divisions.
56If a Fixed Sign with aspect to Saturn obtaining various divisions of the same classifications rises, “births” of temples, houses, choultries etc. begin. The colour, structure etc. will have to be guessed with the help of aspecting planets, as explained earlier.