Greatness of Stambhesvara ||35||

1Narada said: Kumaresa was installed here by Kumara. Thereupon, Suras bowed down to Guha and said with palms joined together (in reverence):
2“We shall submit something to you. Listen to it accurately. The practice well-known among victorious persons, is being recounted.
3-5A pillar should be erected as a memorial of victory by those who vanquish enemies in the course of a battle. Hence for the sake of commemorating your victory, let us erect an excellent pillar- It behoves you to accord permission. There is the third excellent Linga made by Visvakarman; fix it on the top of the pillar, O son of Siva.” When this was requested by Suras, the noble-minded Skanda said, “So be it.”
6Thereupon the delighted Suras beginning with Sakra, fixed on the battle ground, a brilliant and excellent pillar made of gold.
7They paved the space all round it with gems and jewels- There, the splendid celestial damsels danced in ten (different) ways.
8The delighted Mothers of Skanda sang auspicious songs. There Indra and others danced. Vishnu himself played musical instruments.
9-11aShowers of flowers fell from the sky. Divine musical instruments were played. After fixing the pillar named Jaya thus, the deity Stambhesvara that delights the entire universe, was installed by the son of the Three-eyed Lord in the presence of all the delighted Devas, the chief of whom was Brahma and who were joined by Hari, Hara etc. along with Indra and groups of sages.
11b-13To the western side of the same a well was made by the noble-souled Guha with the tip of his Sakti, Ganga flowing through the bottom (of the well). On the fourteenth day in the dark half of the month of Magha, O son of Pandu, a devotee should take bath in the well and offer water libations to Pitris with devotion. That man clearly obtains the benefit that one obtains by performing Gaya-Sraddha.
14Thereafter the devotee should worship “Lord Stambhesvara with sweet-smelling flowers. He shall attain the benefit of Vajapeya (sacrifice). He then rejoices in the abode of Rudra.
15-16If any sinless person worships Stambhesvara after performing the Sraddha rite in the place of meeting of Mahi and the ocean on the full-moon day or the new-moon day, his Pitris become satisfied, and being gratified they grant blessings- After dispelling all sins, he goes to the world of Rudra where he is honoured.
17-18So said Lord Rudra formerly for the gratification of Skanda. Thus, the fourth excellent Linga was installed. All the Devas bowed down to it and exclaimed loudly, “Well-done! Well-done!”