Parvati Goes to the Mountain for Penance ||28||

1Narada said: After saying thus, the daughter of Himadri went out- of the mansion. As she proceeded ahead, the Ganas made a hue and cry.
2“Where are you going, mother?”, saying this and crying loudly, they ran forward. Viraka grasped the feet of the goddess and said in a faltering voice choked with tears:
3-4“O Mother, what is this? Where are you going in great fury? Why are you hurrying away? I will follow you, my mother, very affectionate towards me. If I am forsaken by you, I will not be able to bear the harshness of Girisa. A son will always be the victim of the harshness of his father if he has no mother.”
5-10With her right hand, the mother lifted up his face and said to Viraka: “O son, do not feel sorry. (If bereaved of the mother) It is not proper to fall down from the top of the mountain. It is not justifiable for you to go with me. I shall tell you, my son, a befitting job; listen. I have been called Krishna (‘Black’) by Hara and censured. I was treated with contempt. I shall therefore perform a penance and acquire white complexion. This (Lord) is enamoured of women of white complexion. After I have gone, you must guard the entrance continuously looking for even the smallest aperture. See that no women enters and approaches Hara. If you happen to see any other woman here, tell me, dear son. Thereupon I shall do what is suitable.” Viraka, the son devoid of ailments and delighted in every limb said, “Let it be so” (i.e. your order is proper, I shall abide by it).
11He had his person dipped in the pond of nectar in the form of the mother’s order. His fever (i.e. heated feelings) got subsided. After paying obeisance to his mother, he went to see the Three-eyed god.
12-14When the Elephant-faced One bowed down and stood there with the throat choked with tears requesting, “O Parvati, take me too,” she said, “O boy, since you are elephant-faced, he will laugh at you as at me. Hence come along with me. Let my state or fate be that of yours too. Death is better than discomfiture at the hands of knaves, dear son”. Saying thus and taking (the Elephant-faced One) with her, she went to the mountain Himadri.