The Glory of Nilakantha ||57||

1Narada said: Thereafter, the Brahmanas and Narada propitiated Mahesvara and installed Sankara in the holy city Mahinagaraka.
2For the welfare of the worlds (they installed) the excellent Linga Kedara to the north of Atrisa. It is destructive of great sins.
3-6aA man who takes his holy bath in Atrikunda and performs the Sraddha rite in accordance with the injunctions and bowing down to Atrisa visits Kedara, will never suck the breasts of a mother again. He shall be liberated. Then Rudra himself gave Nilakantha to the noble-souled Narada and himself stayed in the splendid Mahinagaraka. A man who takes his holy bath in Kotitirtha and visits Nilakaptha as well as bows down to Jayaditya shall attain Rudra-loka.
6b-8Those excellent men who take their holy bath in the well and worship Jayaditya will by the grace of Jayaditya never face the extinction of their family. Thus, O son of Pritha, the narrative of Mahinagaraka has been recounted to you. On listening to it completely one is liberated from all sins.