Siva swallows the poison ||10||

1The sages said: “O holy Sir, you said that the Cosmic Egg including the mobile ard immobile beings was entirely reduced to ash by the fire of Kalakuta on account of the wrath of Rudra.
2-4But we consider Rudra to be within the Cosmic Egg. Then the mobile and immobile beings with Brahma and Vishnu as leaders were destroyed and reduced to ash through the wrath of Rudra. How was creation resumed and made to function? Wherefrom did Brahma, Vishnu and other Suras and Asuras with the Moon at their head (originate again)? Where did they get merged? Where were they reduced to ash? What happened after that? It behoves you to recount everything.
5By the grace of Vyasa you know everything. No one else knows it. Hence you understand the holy scripture full of knowledge as no one else does.
6Asked thus by all those sages of sanctified souls, Suta bowed down to Vyasa and spoke these words:
7Lomasa said: When Devas beginning with Hari and Brahma, stationed in the middle of the Cosmic Egg, as well as the guardians of the worlds including Indra were enveloped by the fire of poison, Sambhu was informed by the noble-souled Herarmba (Ganesha):
8-9Heramba said: O Rudra, O Mahadeva, O Sthanu, the lord of the universe, an obstacle very difficult to be surmounted bas been created for them by me by way of amusement . There are persons who start an enterprise, but either because of their fear or through the delusion of their minds, they do not worship you or me. The distress unto them will be very great.
10-11On being requested thus by the over-lord of Ganas, who dispels obstacles like the sun dispelling darkness, the Pinaka-bearing Lord with a bull for his emblem, the Lord Nilalohita with matted hair, the lord devoid of ailments, the lord in the for in of Linga, the unsullied lord without form or features, the sky-haired lord Siva, Sambhu spoke thus:
12-14Mahesvara said : O Heramba, listen to my words with great faith and attention. This universe consisting of the mobile and immobile beings is of the form of Ahamkara (Cosmic Ego). This Ahamkara creates, sustains and destroys. At the beginning of the universe, O Ganapati, Vijnapti (Intelligence, Consciousness) alone (remained). It was devoid of Maya. It was quiescent and of the form of Dvaita and Advaita (duality and non-duality). It was in the form of intelligence alone characterized by existence and eternal bliss.
15Ganapati said: If you are the sole Atman, characterized by supreme bliss. O Scorcher of foes, then there is nothing other than you.
16Then how did the different forms originate, differentiated as Suras and Asuras? It is of variegated form observed by the three Devas. It is the cause of delusion.
17The cycle of worldly existence originated as different from Nitya (eternal) and Anitya (transient). It consists of four types or species of living beings endowed with many distinctive features etc.
18People are deluded by various doctrines and tenets of knowledge antagonistic to one another. Some are devoted to the doctrine of Karman. Some resort to their (intrinsic) qualities.
19A few are adherents of the path of knowledge but they are opposed to one another. O Bull-bannered Lord, thus I have been overwhelmed by doubts. Save me (by dispelling the doubt).
20Where do I and the Ganas belong to? Whence is this bull, O Lord? From where are these and many others born? Where (do they go)?
21Whence are all these exceedingly fortunate ones made into Sattvikas, Rajasas etc.? Lord Sambhu laughed and began to speak to Ganesha:
22Mahesvara said: Rajas, Sattva and Tamas are produced by Kalasakti (Power of Time). The entire universe including Devas, Asuras and human beings is enveloped by them.
23This (world) that is being seen is imperishable ultimately, but, understand that as an evolved effect it is perishable. It is evolved by means of all Siddhis.
24-25Lomasa said: While Sadasiva of Cosmic Form and in the form of the Linga was conversing with Ganesa, His Power (Sakti called Siva), the source of the universe of the nature of cause and effect was born of Sadasiva. At the same instant, the Lord in the form of the Linga became submerged.
26The single supreme Sakti, characterized as the Atman of Brahmavidya abided (there). Overwhelmed by wonder, Ganesa became engrossed in looking (at that form).
27The sages asked: If this entire universe consisting of the mobile and immobile beings is include. Within Prakrti, how is it then that Ganesa was able to preserve his separate entity? Let this be explained.
28Lomasa replied: Lord Ganesa was directly born of Prakrti herself . Ganesvara has the same form as that of Siva himself.
29-30A battle ensued between Siva and that noble-souled one who had been Prakrta (born of Prakrti) due to ignorance. That battle continued without a break for a long time. On observing that he was invincible as long as he was riding an elephant, Sambhu bit him with his trident and toppled him down along with the elephant.
31Then Mahideva the scorcher of enemies, was eulogized by the Supreme Power (Prakrti). The lord then said to the great Sakti. “O splendid lady, choose your boon.”
32-33Then an excellent boon was chosen from Mahadeva: “O lord, he who was killed by you was undoubtedly my son. Being born of a part of Prakrti, he is deluded. Hence, he does not know you. In order to gratify me, resuscitate this son of mine.”
34Lord Rudra laughed loudly and revived the son of Maya. He fixed the head of an elephant to his body.
35Thus the elephant-faced lord was born by the grace of Sankara. Although he was the son of Maya, he was free from the clutches of Maya and became endowed with (spiritual) knowledge.
36He was perpetually contented with the nectar of the knowledge of Atman. He was free from ailments. Sitting in deep meditation, he became very fierce and then destroyed Kala (god of death) of black complexion.
37He pulled out his own huge tooth for the sake of Yogadanda (the mystic wand of Yogic practice) and held it in his hand. He was the presiding deity of the Ganas. He surpasses the Sabdabrahman (the Vedas or the supreme spiritual knowledge expressed in words). Though accompanied by both Riddhi and Siddhi, he shines in his aloneness.
38The groups of Ganas and Vighnas (obstacles) and many others superior to these-whatever there was on the earth, he became the lord thereof. He was made so by Sambhu then.
39Hence he was able to see Prakrti which has the Cosmic form. He remained separate and was able to realize the Linga as well as the Prakrti. He saw the pure Linga naturally abiding in the Prakrti.
40Heramba who was equipped with perfect knowledge saw himself along with the Ganas as well as the three worlds entirely merged in the Linga.
41Though he was endowed with perfect knowledge, he lost his consciousness. He regained it with very great effort. The lord of the Ganas bowed down his head to those two supreme powers.
42Then he saw there itself Brahma, Rudra, Vishnu and Sadasiva in the form of the annihilator of the worlds.
43-45He saw some beings resembling ghosts. Theywere the Lingasaktis. He saw crores of spherical Cosmic Eggs like so many atoms. They were getting merged and dissolved in Mahesa who was in the form of a Linga. The Linga was inside the Prakrti and the Prakrti was within the Linga. The whole of the Linga was seen covered by Sakti. The Sakti was covered by the Linga. Thus, the two encompassed each other .
46The whole world consisting of the mobile and immobile beings stayed supported by both Sivas (i.e. Siva and Sakti). Only Ganesa and none else, though great, had that knowledge.
47The presiding deity of the Ganas (Lord Ganesha), of great splendour, accompanied by the Ganas eulogized with great strength, the Lord accompanied by Sakti.
48Ganesha prayed: I bow down to the god accompanied by His Sakti (Power) the Lord who is the embodiment of knowledge, who is kindly disposed (b.ut) beyond the ken of knowledge and of the form of supreme Light, who transcends forms, is the Supreme Reality incarnate, who is beyond the principles (categories of Sarikhyas), supremely auspicious, who is called Bliss undivided and uncontaminated by sorrow.
49-50The fire in (a ball of) iron is beyond smoke (smokeless), but it appears as though filled with smoke. You who are the source of knowledge, appear to be within Prakrti. You who are present within the Prakrti by Maya, are spoken of as manifested. You whose nature is such, O lord, create, annihilate and protect the universe by your Maya. On account of this poison, the entire universe consisting of the mobile and immobile beings and accompanied by Brahma, Vishnu and lndra, has been destroyed.
51You are lord Mahesa. You are the lord of the three worlds. You arc the immanent soul of the mobile and immobile beings. The mobile and immobile beings along with the vestures of individual souls, have been completely burnt down. Please revive them quickly and make it (the world) as it was before.
52-54Lomasa said: On being eulogized thus by Ganesha, the Lord (Siva), the sanctifier of all living beings, assumed the form of a Linga and consumed the Kalakuta that arose there and caused the destruction of all the worlds. He made everything free from impurities. Since the lord was endowed with great compassion and considerateness, all Devas, Asuras and human beings and all the three worlds were instantaneously saved. Brahma, Vishnu, Surendra, the Guardians of the Quarters along with the sages, Yakshas, Vidyadharas, Siddhas, Gandharvas and groups of celestial damsels-all of them got up as though from sleep.
55They were struck with wonder. They were agitated and frightened. All Devas and Asuras said in dismay:
56-62“Where is that immense Kalakuta by which we had been compelled to flee and made almost dead along with the Guardians of the Quarters?” So, said they, but Daityas remained silent. The Guardians of the Quarters beginning with Sakra, who were able to regain strength and happiness with god Brahma as their leader, said this after honouring Vishnu, the lord of all lords: “By whom has this been caused? We do not know as we are deficient in intelligence.” Then Vishnu laughed at Brahma and all those (Suras). All of them then began to meditate with great concentration of their minds. O Brahmanas, that dispelled base emotions such as lust and anger as well as other feelings by means of the knowledge of Reality. Then Devas and others saw the Linga present in their own Atman (Soul). Keeping Vishnu at their head, they eulogized the Lord for the attainment of the ultimate truth: “Yogins worship the Supreme Soul through their own souls. The Linga alone is the greatest knowledge. The Linga alone is the greatest penance. The Linga alone is the greatest Dharma. The Linga alone is the greatest goal. Hence, there is nothing at all which (can be called) greater than the Linga.”
63After saying thus, Suras and Asuras along with the Guardians of the Quarters and sages kept Vishnu whose complexion is dark like the lndian cinnamon, at their head. They then sought refuge in Sambhu who is worthy of being resorted to:
64“Save us, save us, O Mahadeva, O merciful lord, O Supreme God. It behoves you to save us as we had been saved before (by you).
65O Lord of Devas, your lotus-like feet possess greatness befitting our repeated service. They have infinite furms. We have resorted to them. (Save us) with the greatest mercy. Obeisance to you, O excellent one among Devas. Be pleased.”
66Lord Ramapati (Vishnu), the sanctifier of the living beings, stood in the middle of the form of Linga along with all the groups of Suras and spoke thus:
67-69You are the Lord in the form of the Linga. You bestow protection from fear on all the worlds. All those who died on account of the poison, have been saved. Hence, O Lord. The conqueror of Mrityu (Death), save us, save us. O Mahakala, the destroyer of Tripura, obeisance to you.” On being eulogized by Vishnu, Lord Mahesvara in the form of the Linga appeared before them along with Ambha (goddess Parvati). He appeared to awaken (i.e. enlighten) those Suras:
70-74O Vishnu, ye all Suras and Sages, Jet this be heard. Ordinary people think that the worldly existence is eternal, while it is only transitory. Thereby, they are agitated. O Devas and others, of what avail are the Yajnas, austerities and activities connected with holy rites, if one does not perceive the (Supreme) Atman by means of (his individual Atman)? There is no benefit therefrom, whether they are performed collectively or separately. All of you joined together and carried out a very difficult task, namely the churning of the ocean. That you did for the sake of getting nectar. But why was it performed after rejecting Mrtyunjaya and always disrespecting me? Hence all of you undoubtedly fell into the mouth of Death. Lord Ganesha has been created by us for the purpose of achieving success in an undertaking.
75Those who do not bow down to Ganesha as well as Durga of similar nature will be victims of distress. There is no doubt about this.
76All of you are sinful and stubborn. You profess to be learned without knowing what is right and what is wrong. You are deluded by mere false prestige.
77-78All of you, groups of Devas beginning with Indra, arc devoted to the Vedas. All those beginning with Indra are mediocres, pleasure-seekers, praise-mongers and useless ones. O consort of Saci (i.e. lndra), you do not understand yourself on account of delusion.
79A great effort has been made by you for getting nectar, O rogue. You attained a kingdom by performing a hundred horse sacrifices. Even that is under the control of your enemies now. O vicious one. You do not know that.
80O deluded one, you have been eulogized by ascetics through the Vedic statements (hymns). Those ascetics are fools. They propitiate you, because they arc prompted by different passions.
81O Vishnu, on account of your partiality you do not know what is good and what is otherwise. Some persons are killed by you. O Vishnu, and some have been protected.
82You are desirous of certain things in this matter. You are always childish in your activities. Why talk of all the other Guardians of the Quarters?
83If a matter is pursued in a way other than what is proper, the result is bound to be in a way other than (what is expected). You all forgot that thing whereby your efforts are crowned with success.
84-85It is he by whom all (of you) have been saved front the great fear of Kalakuta today. It is he by whom you have been saved from a poison by which Vishnu is turned blue (dark complexioned), by which all of you were defeated and by which all the worlds have been reduced to ash. Hence, the worship of that noble-souled Ganesa should be performed by you.
86If at the beginning of any holy rite, people do not worship Ganadhipa (Ganesa), they will never realize their objectives as in your own case.”
87On hearing these words of Mahesa, Suras, Asuras, Kinnaras and Caranas asked Girisa about the method of worship in the proper manner.