Devas taste the divine nectar ||12||

1Lomasa said: After bowing down to Janardana, the Supreme Being, along with Rama, the groups of Suras and Asuras once again churned the ocean for the sake of Nectar.
2From the ocean that was being churned, came out a youthful person of very great fame, well-known as Dhanvantari . He was the great conqueror of Mrtyu (Death).
3-4He held in his hands a pot filled with nectar. While all Suras were (gladly) looking at the fascinating Lord Dhanvantari, Daityas wanted to attack him in a body and snatch away the pot (of nectar) that had been held in the hands of Dhanvantari.
5The excellent physician surrounded by a series of waves was advancing slowly when he was seen by Vrishaparvan.
6The pot that was in his hand was forcibly taken by him (Vrishaparva). Thereupon, Asuras roared in a terrific manner.
7Seizing and taking the pot filled with nectar, the impatient Daityas came down to Patala. Then Devas became confused and embarrassed.
8They (Devas) who were well-prepared and ready for a battle, pursued then with a desire to fight. Turning towards. Devas, Bali spoke thus:
9Bali said: O Devas, we are contented and gratified with the nectar only. You excellent Suras do go back quickly.
10Please go back to Trivishtapa (Heaven) joyously. Of what avail are we to you? Formerly we entered into a friendly alliance with you only because we wanted to realize our common objectives. Now it has been known to you. Do not have any doubt in it hereafter.
11Thus rebuked and repulsed by Bali, those excellent Suras went back to Lord Narayana along the path by which they had come.
12On meeting him, all the Suras whose desires were frustrated, were consoled by Vishnu with various kinds of words capable of pacifying them:
13-14“In this matter, do not be afraid unnecessarily. I shall bring back the nectar”, said Lord Vishnu, the refuge of those who are helpless. The stayer of Madhu (Vishnu) having asked all the Suras to stay there itself, assumed the form of a charming lady, Mohini, and appeared before Daityas.
15By that time Daityas had become highly excited and agitated. They spoke to one another (about this). For the sake of nectar, all the Daityas began arguing with one another.
16-17While this was going on, fortunately they saw a woman fascinating the minds of all living beings (who had assumed the form of Mohini). They were struck with wonder and with covetous eyes (they stated at her). Honouring her Bali the king of Daityas, said:
18Bali said: O highly fortunate lady, this nectar should be (properly) distributed by you, so that it can reach all. Be quick about it. Do as I request.
19On being requested thus, she smilingly said to Bali: “Women should never be trusted by a wise man .
20The following are the inherent natural defects of women: Falsehood, daring, deception, foolishness, excessive greed, uncleanliness and ruthlessness.
21Lack of genuine affection as well as mischievous cunningness should also be known as existing in them, in fact. These defects should undoubtedly be known as existing (even) in one’s own wives.
22Just as wolves among beasts of prey, crows among birds and foxes among wild animals are given to killing, so also women among human beings should always be understood by the wise as exceedingly mischievous and cunning.
23How can there be friendship and alliance between me and you all. Should this not be considered? Who are you and who am I?
24Hence everything should be done by you after careful consideration with your keen intellect. Of course, you are very efficient in knowing what should be done and what should not be done, O excellent Asuras.”
25-27Bali said: The women mentioned by you are the uncivilized ones of the rural area. They have no culture and they are· the favourites of the vulgar and the rustic people. But, O splendid lady, you are not one among those women mentioned (by you). Why do you talk much? Do according to our directions. After Bali had spoken, Mohini said this:
28-29“O lord, I shall follow your instructions whether they are good or bad.” Bali said: Today distribute the nectar among all in a befitting manner. We shall take what is given by you. It is true. I am speaking the truth. On being told thus, goddess Mohini who was auspicious in every respect, spoke to all the Asuras desirous of following the conventional propriety:
30-32The Lord (i.e. Mohini) said: By a stroke of good luck, all of you have become blessed and achieved your desired objective, O excellent Asuras. Do observe fast today and let the preliminary consecratory rite of the nectar be performed. Something is yet (to be observed) with a desire for your welfare. Tomorrow you can have the Parana (ceremonial breakfast). Your desire for observances and worships (is commendable). For the sake of propitiating Isa, the Viniyoga (ceremonious disposal) rite should be performed by an intelligent (devotee) with a tenth part of the amount legally and justifiably earned by him.
33Saying “So be it”. They all honoured whatever was said by Devamaya. Deluded and not being very proficient and experienced, they did everything advised by Devamaya.
34Very big, fascinating, lustrous and rich mansions were built by the Asura, Maya.
35They sat in those abodes after taking bath and adorning themselves befittingly. Excited much, they placed the full pot ( of nectar) in front of themselves.
36With very great joy, all of them kept vigil during the night. At dawn, they engaged themselves in taking early morning ablutions.
37After finishing alJ necessary daily routine duties, Asuras, the chief of whom was Bali, sat in rows in due order. They were eager to drink (the nectar).
38-41The following were the important ones among Daityas etc.: Bali, Vrishaparvan, Namuci, Sankha, Sudamshtra, Samhladi, Kalanemi, Vibhishana, Vatapi. Ilvala, Kumbha, Nikumbha, Pracchada, Sunda. Upasunda, Nisumbha, Sumbha, Mahisha, Mahishaksha, the valorous Bidalaksha, the mighty-armed Cikshura, Jrilbhana, Vrishasura, Vibahu, Bahuka, Ohora, Ghoradarsana, Rahu and Ketu. These and many other Daityas, Danavas and Rakshasas sat there in due order.
42-43There were rows and rows of those Daityas numbering crores and crores. Now, O Brahmanas, listen to what happened thereafter and what great things were done by that goddess in the matter regarding (the distribution of) the nectar.
44-45All were informed by her immediately (to be ready). She took up the pot. That Vishnumohini was endowed with the greatest splendour. The goddess appeared splendid with the pot resting in her hands. The (goddess) conducive to the auspiciousness of all auspicious things in the universe shone with the greatest lustre.
46At the very same instant, all the Suras who had halos around them, came to the place where those excellent Asuras were present.
47On seeing them, Mohini, the most excellent one among young women, said immediately:
48Mohini said: These (people) should be known as guests. They are conducive to the accomplishment of every thing virtuous. If you keep the promise given to me, something should be given to these in accordance with your capacity. You are the authority in this regard. Do everything now. Do not delay.
49Those who render help to others in accordance with their capacity are blessed ones. They should be known to be very pure and protectors of the worlds.
50-51Those who endeavour only for (filling in) their belly-should be known as destined to suffer. There is no doubt about this. Hence, O (friends) of auspicious rites, this should be divided by me. You give Devas whatever you like or dislike.
52When these words were spoken by the goddess, the energetic and alert Asuras did so. The Asuras invited all Devas including Vasava.
53All of them sat, O Brahmanas, for the sake of receiving the nectar. While they were occupying their seats, Mohini who was conversant with all holy rites and virtuous acts, smilingly said to the Asuras these great words:
54-55Mohini said: The Vedic Text prescribes that the guests should be honoured at the very outset. Hence, you who are all devoted to the gods and the Vedas speak out immediately. So whom shall I give the nectar at the very outset? Indeed, let those whose leader is Bali, let those persons of exalted fortune say.
56Then the goddess was told by Bali. “(Do) what appea1s to your mind. O lady of beautiful face, you are our mistress. There is no doubt about it.”
57-58On being honoured thus by that Bali of pure soul, the goddess hurriedly took up the pot for the purpose of serving. A silk cloth shone over her thighs resembling the trunk of a royal elephant. She walked rather slowly on account of the (huge) buttocks. Her limbs were agitated and excited due to inebriation. With the tinkling of the golden anklets, she appeared to be cooing (like a cuckoo). Her breasts rese1nbled pitchers. With the pot (of nectar) in her hand, she entered (the place where they were seated).
59-60Then the goddess Mohini proceeded serving the group of Devas directly. She showered on Devas the juice of the nectar again and again as though their sole diet consisted of this nectar. The groups of Dcvas, the chief among whom was Devendra, and the groups of Gandharvas, Yaksas and celestial damsels along with Guardians of the Quarters swallowed again and again the juice of nectar served by that great (goddess) of cosmic form.
61All Daityas, the chief among whom was Bali, O leading “Brahamanas, continued to be seated there. They were ansious and afflicted with hunger. The resolute Daityas kept quiet and were engaged in meditation.
62-63On seeing those Daityas in such a plight after resorting to a delusion, the two leading Daityas Rahu and Ketu assumed the forms of Devas and hurriedly sat in the row of Devas for receiving the nectar.
64-65The exceedingly invincible Rahu was desirous of drinking the nectar. When this was reported to Vishnu of unmeasured splendour by the Sun and the Moon, the head of Rahu of deformed body was cut off. The head went up into the sky. The headless body dropped down on the earth. Rolling down, it crushed many mountains into small particles.
66-68The entire world including the mountains was reduced to fine dust. On seeing that the entire universe consisting of mobile and immobile beings was smashed to fragments by her (i.e. Mohini through that body (of Rahu), Mahadeva stood above it. The abode of all Devas was at the soles of her feet. The affliction (?) was near her, hence the name Nivasa (abode) (obscure).
69Since her lotus-like feet had been the abode (alaya) of great ones ( ahatma), the enchantress of the three worlds became reputed as Mahalaya.
70Ketu vanished into the sky in the form of smoke. It was after handing over the nectar to the Moon that he vanished thus.
71Vasudeva is the origin of the universe. He is the supreme cause of all the worlds. It was due to Vishnu’s grace that everything took place favouring the realization of Devas objectives.
72Since the fate was adverse, the enterprise of Mohini was conducive to the destruction of Asuras. Understand that all exertions without (favourable) fate are useless.
73The churning of the ocean was conducted by all of them simultaneously. But, it ended in the success of Devas, while Asuras failed (in their objective).
74Therefore, they were furious at the excellent Devas. Daityas who were deluded took up many weapons and missiles. When Vishnu went away, they began to roar.