Resuscitation of dead Daityas ||14||

1-2Lomasa said: Then the fight between Asuras and Vishnu became exceedingly terrific. The exceedingly wonderful winged lions equipped with armours and ridden by Asuras tore up Garuda. The lions too were pierced and torn to pieces by him.
3-4Then Daityas were cut into pieces by Vishnu with his discus. On seeing Asuras killed, the valorous Kalanemi, with his eyes full of wrath, struck Vishnu with his trident. Mukunda (Vishnu), the support of those who are helpless, caught hold of the trident as it rushed at him.
5Vishnu playfully caught hold of Kalanemi, the Asura of great power with his trident, by his left hand sportively. Being struck with the self-same trident, he suddenly fell down senseless.
6-7The fallen Daitya came to senses again and slowly opened his eyes. Regaining consciousness, he saw Vishnu standing in front of him-Vishnu, the- lord abiding in the cavity of the heart of everyone. Kalanemi of great strength then spoke these words: “I will not offer to fight with you. I have no desire for worlds (and worldly pleasures).
8-9According to the words of Brahma, those Asuras who are killed in the battle will attain the Aksaya (Everlasting) world. Immediately they will come into contact with Indra. Enjoying various kinds of worldly pleasures, they will roam about like gods along with Indra. Then they will fall down to the earthly world.
10Hence, I do not desire death in battle. It is of a momentary nature. O heroic lord, it behoves you to grant me Kaivalya (salvation) alone, the great benefit, in the course of my next birth, of course, as a result of an inimical attitude.”
11Saying “So be it”, the Supreme Being, the bestower or the greatest benefit, caused the excellent Daitya to fall down. Having given Sudha (nectar) to Devas (before) and having granted freedom from fear to Devas (now) (the lord saved them).
12Kalanemi, the great Daitya who was like a dart, was killed by Vishnu, the powerful lord. Devas became rid of thorns (enemies).
13-14The lotus-eyed ‘Lord vanished hnmediately. Having caused extremely wonderful (terrific) have among Daityas, lndra also continued the slaughter of Daityas who were fallen, cowardly like eunuchs, broken (in spirit) and frightened in mind, and had their garments and tufts of hair loosened.
15He liberal-minded consort of Saci (lndra), who was like the god of Death unto Daityas and who could never be conquered (did all these things), because, he was devotedly following the (instructions laid down in the) Arthasastra .
16While Asuras were being killed like this, the holy lord Narada came there in order to make Indra desist from it.
17Narada said: Many heroic Asuras have been killed fighting in the battlefield. Why do you kill the frightened ones after that?
18The haughty and arrogant ones who cause the death of those who are afraid and those who seek refuge should be known as murderers of Brahmanas. They are guilty of great sins.
19-20Hence, even mentally injury should not be caused by you. On being told thus by the noble-souled Narada, Indra immediately came back to Trivishtapa (heaven) accompanied by the armies of Suras. Then all the groups of Suras, all the Yakshas, Gandharvas and Kinnaras became joyous. Along with their friends, they enjoyed the company of one another.
21-26aThen Indra was crowned in Amaravati along with Saci by leading celestial sages and leading Brahmana sages. It was due to the favour of Sankara that Sakra attained victory. Then, O Brahmanas, there was a great celebration in the world of Devas. Then conchs and different kinds of drums like Patahas, Mridangas, Murajas, Anakas, Bherls and Dundubhis were sounded simultaneously. Gandharvas and Kinnaras were the musicians. The groups of celestial damsels danced: Siddhas, Caranas and Guhyakas sang praises. Thus Sakra, the lord of Devas, attained victory.
26b-27aAt that time, the noble-souled Daityas, the chief among whom was “Bali and who had been killed by Devas, fell down lifeless on the surface of the earth. Formerly the Brahmana Bhargava (accompanied by his disciples) had gone to mount Manasottara for performing penance. Hence he was not aware of that battle.
27b-29Those Daityas who had survived approached Bhargava. The news of the great destruction of Asuras was conveyed to him. On hearing it, the son of Bhrigu became furious. He returned surrounded by his disciples. With the Vidya (magic formula) called Mritajtvini (Resuscitator of the dead), he revived the Asuras who had fallen dead.
30Then those Asuras got up as though they had awakened from sleep. Bali who rose up, said to Bhargava of unmeasured splendour:
31“Of what avail is it to me today to be revived back to life? There is no benefit to me. I have been struck down by the lord of Devas like a mean contemptible wretch.”
32-33On hearing the words uttered by Bali, Sukra spoke these words: “Those heroic persons who are high-souled and intelligent, who are learned, and who fall down dead in battle on being struck by a weapon go to heaven. This is undoubtedly the statement of the Vedas.”
34Thus, the son of Bhrgu consoled Bali. He then performed various kinds of penance conducive to the achievement of Siddhis by Daityas.
35All the Daityas urged by ‘Bhrgu went to Patala. All the Daityas, the chief among whom was Bali, stayed in Patala in happiness.