The birth of Kumara Karttikeya ||27||

1-2Lomas a said: Similarly, all the Mountains were exquisitely worshipped by Vishnu, viz. the Mountain Sahya, Vindhya, Mainaka, Gandhamadana, Malyavan, Malaya, Mahendra, Mandara and Meru . These were very scrupulously honoured and respected by Vishnu.
3-5Svetagiri was made white (?), Niladri (Blue mountain) also was made so (blue). Udayadri, Sringa, the great Astacala, Manasddri, mountain Kailasa, the most excellent one among Mountains, and the mountain Lokaloka-all these were honoured by Parameshthin (god Brahma). Thus, all those excellent Mountains were honoured by him. Similarly all the residents of those mountains were also honoured by him.
6Along with Brahma, everything relevant and befitting (the occasion) was done by Vishnu. On the next day, the procession Varayatra was taken out.
7A majority of Ganas and all the groups of Suras went to the mountain Gandhamadana along with Himadri and kinsmen.
8-11All the Pramathas, the Ganas of Candi and many others who had come to Himalaya for the marriage celebration of Siva. were duly honoured by Siva, O Brahmanas. On seeing the couple they attained great delight. Sambhu accompanied by Parvati and Parvati aJong with Sambhu were in fact like a flower and its fragrance or like the word and its connotation. They are Prakrti and Purusha united into one form. That couple of great lustre shone very well while riding on an elephant.
12-18Brahma was then seated in an aerial chariot. Vishnu was on his Garuda. Indra rode on Airavata. Kubera sat in his Pushpaka chariot. Varuna rode on his shark (crocodile); Yama on his buffalo; Nairrita rode on a ghost. The great Fire-god was seated on a goat. Pavana (Wind-god) rode on a deer and Isa on a bull. Thus the Guardians of the Quarters (came to the procession) of the supreme god (Siva) along with the Planets. Similarly, Pramathas and others came there along with their armies. The Mountains like Himadri the great Mountain, Rishabha, Gandhamadana, Sahyat Nilagiri, Mandara, Malayacala, Kailasa of great splendour and Mainaka of great lustre, these and other Mountains became engaged in honouring Siva. All of them were glorious, highly refulgent and charming. All of them came there along with their wives and sons. All those Mountains beginning with Meru were powerful and handsome. In the context of Varayatra (‘procession of the bridegroom’), they devoted themselves to the worship of Siva.
19-22The Mountains beginning with Meru well seated (in their proper places) by Nandin there. The celebration of Varayatra was duly carried out by Himadri as mentioned (before). They returned along with all kinsmen. Himavan of great renown stationed in his own abode shone very well, due to the great splendour arising from the contact with Siva. The great Mountain became famous and well-renowned in the three worlds, because Sankara was delighted with him, due to the offering of the daughter. Blessed indeed are those noble-souled ones at the tip of whose tongues the two-syllabled name (Si-va) is always present. They shall accomplish their purpose and be contented. Those people who utter the two-syllabled name ‘Si-va’ in their hearts arc undoubtedly Rudras in the form of human beings.
23Lord Siva is pleased with the slightest offering or gift, even with a leaf . Mahadeva is always pleased even with the (gift of) water.
24Indeed Sadasiva becomes pleased with (the gift of) a leaf, a flower or water. Hence Siva should be regularly adored by all. He is the donor of good luck unto men here.
25The unborn great lord is one great luminous refulgence. He is greater than the greatest. He is the great Atman. He has no inter-space, is devoid of aberrations, has no lord (above him), is devoid of all hindrances, free from doubts and devoid of desire.
26He is unsullied, is of eternal form. Obstacle less as he is, he has perpetual bliss. He is the eternally liberated one. The Lord of Devas of this nature was adored by those Devas and others. Bhava (Siva) worthy of being worshipped by the whole universe was eulogized and meditated upon. He was worshipped and contemplated upon. This omniscient lord is the perpetual bestower of everything.
27Himavan was already very famous on account of all of his good qualities. He was noble-souled and the most excellent one among the Mountains. (After the marriage) he became one worthy of being saluted by the Lord of the universe.
28Going back to his own abode along with Mena, the Lord of Mountains of virtuous soul, bade farewell to all the Mountains.
29After they had gone, Himavan, the most excellent one among and the king of Mountains, (lived happily) with his sons, grandsons and great-grandsons by the favour of Mahadeva.
30Then at Gandhamadana, the great god (Siva) who had resumed his own form, decided in his mind to indulge in sexual alliance with Girija in an isolated place .
31-33Indeed, their mutual sexual contact took place through their great penance. Now that their sexual intercourse was begun, that alone became their penance. lt was a mysteriously wonderful phenomenon not liked (by Devas), because it could be compared to Pralaya (ultimate annihilation). As that great sexual dalliance went on, Devas beginning with Brahma were not very happy in the matter of deciding what should be done and what should not be done. On account of the semen virile (of Siva), the entire universe consisting of mobile and immobile beings perished.
34Brahma and Vishnu, the bestower of spiritual (welfare), remembered Agni mentally. On being remembered, Agni hastened towards them.
35On being deputed by them, Agni saw the beautiful palace of Siva. In front of him, he saw Nandin of great lustre stationed at the entrance.
36Agni whose colour resembled saffron became minute (in size) and entered the inner apartment of Sambhu that consisted of many wonderful features.
37After reaching the front-yard beautified with many mansions and paved with gems and jewels. the Fire-god sat there and said:
38-39“O mother, from the harem give alms unto me who have only (my) hands as begging bowl.” On hearing those words (of Agni) who had only the hands as begging bowl, the girl began to give him alms. Thereupon Siva desisted from sexual dalliance and got up. He became very furious.
40Raising his trident, Rudra assumed the terrible form of Bhairava. Siva was prevented by Girija from killing him (Agni). The girl (Parvati) gave alms to Agni Jatavedas (‘one who knows all created beings’).
41After taking the alms (the semen of Siva) in the (palms of his) hand, it was eaten up by Agni in her very presence. Girija became furious and cursed him.
42“O mendicant. on account of my curse you will quickly become Sarvabhaksha (‘omnivorous’-one who eats everything). You will meet with distress and pain in every respect on account of this Retas (semen virile) immediately.”
43-44On being told thus, Agni, the bearer of Havyas (offerings in the sacred fire). swallowed the Retas of Tsa and came to the place where all the Devas beginning with Brahma were staying. After arrival he told them everything about the swallowing of Retas (semen of Siva) and other incidents. All the groups of Devas beginning with Indra became pregnant.
45-46Just as Havis (ghee offerings) reaches every god through Agni (so also the semen reached them). By means of the semen issuing out of the mouth of Agni, all the leading Suras became pregnant. They were extremely afflicted with anxiety; they sought refuge in Vishnu, the Lord and Master of Devas.
47Devas said: You are the saviour of all Devas. You are the lord of the worlds. Hence protection should be accorded, O Lord, kind and compassionate towards those who seek refuge.
48Afflicted with this semen virile, all of us are about to die. All of us, the heaven-dwellers, are already frightened of Asuras.
49-50(Afraid of Asuras) we sought refuge in Sankara. We got his marriage celebrated (and thought thus): “When a son is born to Rudra, all of us will be happy and free from fear in heaven.” A (new) danger has beset us even as we were steadying ourselves with that thought. How is it possible to remain alive with this (Siva’s) semen.
51The three aims (in the life) of ordinary persons are well prepared (with the help of fate). But without (favourable) fate, without the support of the Lord, it becomes adverse in character, not otherwise.
52Hence, considering that as the strength (and support) for all embodied beings in the matter of deciding what should be done and what should not be done all of us think so.
53-55On hearing that lamentation of Devas, the great Lord, the slayer of the enemies of Devas, spoke these words laughingly: “ln view of the gravity of the situation (of the work), let Mahesa the great Lord, be eulogized.” Saying “So be it”, all the Devas went to Hara with Vishnu as their leader. Brahma and others and all the sages eulogized Hara:
56-58“Om, obeisance unto Lord Bharga (Refulgence), to the blue-throated, to the beautiful, to the three-eyed lord, to the lord of three Vedas, to the supporter of the three worlds. We bow to the Lord of three notes (Svara), three Matras, three Vedas and three forms. Hail to the Trident-bearing Lord (bestowing) the three aims in life, to the Tridhama (having three abodes) and to the Tripada (having three positions). Save us, save us, 0 Mahadeva, from this semen virile, O lord of the universe.”
59When he was (thus) eulogized by Brahma, the Bull-bannered Lord appeared there itself for the sake of the accomplishment of the objective of Suras.
60At that time, the Lord, the sole kinsman of the universe, was seen by the noble-souled excellent Devas. He was worshipped exquisitely well. He was eulogized with various words of expressive nature and approved by the Vedas.
61Even as the Devas continued eulogizing, Paramesvara said: “Do not be frightened, all of you, now afflicted with this semen virile.
62Now itself, O Suras, you all should vomit it.” Thinking that it should be so, all those groups of Devas beginning
with lndra, O Brahmanas, vomited that semen virile of Sankara.
63Abruptly that miraculous semen virile became as lustrous as heated gold and as huge as a mountain.
64All those groups of Devas beginning with Indra became happy. Excepting Agni all of them became exceedingly delighted
65Sankara the benefactor of aU the worlds, was addressed (thus) by Agni: O Mahadeva, O most excellent one among Devas, what should be done by me now?
66Tell me that now, O Lord, whereby I shall always be happy so that I can continue to carry Havya (the oblations in sacrifices) unto Devas.”
67-68Then Siva said directly even as the Devas were listening: “Let the semen be discharged in some womb.” Thereupon Agni laughingly said to Lord Sankara: Your semen is unbearable. How can this semen which blazes like poison, be borne by ordinary persons?”
69Then Lord Mahesvara said to Agni: “Let the semen be discharged every month in the body of those who are warmed up in the menstruation period.
70Saying “So be it” and accepting his words, the Fire-god of great lustre, who was shining with great splendour and whose power and influence is very great, sat there in Brahmamuhurta (before dawn).
71-73The wives of the sages got up very early in the morning. Those chaste ladies who habitually took early morning baths were afflicted with chillness. They saw the blazing fire and wanted to warm themselves. They were prevented from doing so by Arundhati. Although they too were prevented from doing so, the Krttikas warmed themselves. While they warmed themselves thus, minute particles of the semen virile (of Siva) entered the pores in their skin at the roots of the hair quickly.
74-76Agni then got rid of the semen virile and became reposed and tranquil. Then the wives of the sages went to their respective abodes. They were cursed by the sages. They became the constellations Kritikas moving about in the sky. At that time all of them became distressed due to their deviation from chastity. They discharged the semen virile on the top of the mountain Himavan.
77-80Abruptly that semen virile, having the lustre of heated gold, (floated) in Ganga. It was quickly encircled by Kicakas (hollow bamboos). On seeing the infant with six faces, all the Devas became joyous. They were ultimately told by Garga: “Let it (the child) be (conveniently) taken away. This son of Sarilbhu, thanks to the grace of Sambhu, shall become eternal and Sarva (identical with all).” Karttikeya of great strength was born on the banks of Ganga. (Karttikeya) the son of Ganga sat up after a day and a night had passed. Stikha and Visakha were exceedingly powerful (?). This Sanmukha was very powerful.
81When Sanmukha (‘six-faced’ god Skanda) was born of Ganga as the son of Sankara, Girija immediately experienced that milk was oozing out from her nipples.
82Looking at Siva, she said: “O Sambhu. there is great exudation of milk (from my breasts, why is it so?). O Mahadeva, let it be looked into.” Though omniscient, Mahadeva spoke to her like an ignorant one.
83Narada came there and told them about the birth of the child: “A beautiful son is born to Siva and Siva.”
84On hearing those words, O Brahmanas, all the Pramathas became most delighted in their minds. Gandharvas became eager to sing.
85In view of the birth of a son to the noble-souled Sankara the mountain (Kailasa) became dazzlingly brilliant and shone with many flags, banners, festoons and sprouts as well as with aerial chariots.
86-87Then all the groups of Suras, Sages, Siddhas, Caranas, Demons, Gandharvas, Yakshas, all attended upon by groups of celestial damsels-all these gathered together immediately and along with Sankara they proceeded ahead to see Gailgeya (Skanda, ‘Ganga’s son’) stationed on the sand-bank (of Ganga).
88Then the Lord mounted on his bull along with Girija and was accompanied by other Suras beginning with lndra.
89-90Then conchs, Bherls (drums) and many other musical instruments were played. At the very same time, the Ganas beginning with Virabhadra followed the lord of all. They were excited with sportive spirit and they played different kinds of musical instruments. They played stringed musical instruments of different kinds.
91Some were engaged in dances. Others were musicians. Those who eulogized and those who were being eulogized sang songs of praise.
92Those Suras, Siddhas, Yakshas, Gandharvas. Vidyadharas and Serpents and such others were delighted in their minds in the company of Siva. They went ahead in order to see the son of Sankara, the bestower of boons.
93When they looked at Gangeya resembling Sankara. They saw that the three worlds were pervaded by great splendour.
94-96The infant (boy) enveloped in refulgence was of the lustre of heated gold. His bright face was endowed with glorious magnificence. His beautiful face with a fine nose and eyes twinkling with a smile, was pleasant. fie was beautiful in every limb. On seeing the exceedingly miraculous Gangeya of renowned Atman, the infant (boy) with solar radiance, Pramathas and all the Ganas beginning with Virabhadra, saluted him.
97-99They flocked round him on the left and the right and waited upon him. Similarly, Brahma, Indra surrounded by Sura’s, sages, Yakshas and Gandharvas surrounded the boy. They prostrated on the ground like a log of wood. Some bent down their necks, (in reverence). Others bowed down their heads honouring him as the immutable lord. In that great festival, different kinds of musical instruments were played. The sages recited the Santi verses on that festival.
100-101In the meantime Sankara, the Lord of Girija, reached the place. He “quickly dismounted from his bull along with Parvati, O sages of holy rites. Accompanied by Bhavini and filled with great pleasure, the lord, the sole kinsman of the universe, saw his son. With great affection, the lord of all, having the (bodies of) serpents (as ornaments) became delighted. He was surrounded by Pramathas.
102With great excitement, Parvati embraced Guha. Flooded with great love, she made him suck her breasts that exuded milk.
103Then the infant-lord was given great ovation and the Nirajana (waving of lights) rite was performed by Devas who rejoiced in the company of their wives. The whole of the firmament was pervaded by great shouts of victory.
104All of them served the infant-lord-the sages with the loud chants of the Vedic passages, the musicians with songs and those who played musical instruments with the same.
105Girisa (i.e. Siva) took on his lap that infant-lord dazzling with great brilliance. The spouse of Bhavani shone as the most excellent one among those blessed with sons. He was endowed with glory.
106-107The couple were delighted together. On being sprinkled (with sacred waters) by the sages and being surrounded by excellent Suras, Kumara (the infant-lord) played in the lap of Sankara. With both hands he caught hold of and pressed Vasuki that was round the neck (of Siva).
108-110After pressing his face, he counted his hands, not in the correct order, saying one, three, ten and eight. Lord Sambhu told Girija about this laughingly. Due to the gentle smile (of the infant), Lord Mahesa in the company of Girija attained the greatest joy. On account of the affection, his speech faltered. The sole lord of the worlds, the sole kinsman of the universe did not say anything.