Pasupata Yoga (continued) ||15||

1Vayu said: After knowing the fourteen types of transmigrations a person overpowered by the fear of Samsara (transmigration from birth to birth) should begin suitable action.
2Then, being whirled round by the wheel of Samsara he remembers (about Yoga). Thenceforth, he is always engaged in meditation in communion with the Supreme. He should start the Yogic practice in such a way as he would be able to visualize the Soul.
3He is the first, the supreme light, the excellent bridge. He has grown up in living beings but this difference is not eternal.
4Hence he who knows the procedure should worship this bridge, this Atman, this fire with its face in every direction, abiding in the heart of living beings.
5After sipping water once only at the beginning, with purity and with the mind concentrated on Him, he should offer eight oblations in a serial order to the Fire that abides in the heart and should worship him silently.
6-7The five Ahutis shall be offered with the following five mantras: Pranaya Svaha, Apanaya Svaha, Samanaya Svaha, Udanaya Svaha and Vyanaya Svaha. The other (three Ahutis) shall be offered simply with “Svaha”. Then he should take food as he pleases. He should drink water once, perform Acamana thrice and touch the heart.
8He should then strengthen and satisfy himself by repeating the following mantra—“Om, Thou art the knot of the Pranas. Thou are the Atman. Rudra indeed is the Atman. That Rudra, the destroyer of the subjects. He is the Pranas of the Atman.
9You are the eldest among Devas. You are fierce, the skilful bull. You are the destroyer of death. Let this Havis oblation offered be propitious to us”.
10-11Saying thus he shall touch the heart, the right toe and the navel with the right hand. Touching water once again, he shall touch the chest, eyes, nose, ears, heart and the head. The Prana and Apana both are declared as two Atmans.
12Of these Prana is the inner and Apana is the external Atman. Anna (food) is Prana, and Apana is both life and death.
13Anna (food) should be known as Brahman. It is the source of origin of the people. The living beings are born through Anna (food). The maintenance is sought through Anna (food). The living beings increase through Anna. Hence it is called Anna.
14Devas and Danavas eat the food oblated in the (sacrificial) fire. Gandharvas, Yaksas, Rakshasas and Pisacas to partake of it.