Evil Omens Foreboding Death ||19||

1Vayu said: Henceforth I shall explain the evil omens. Know that by seeing them one can foresee one’s death.
2He who cannot see the Arundhati star, the Pole star, the shadow of the moon and the Mahapatha does not survive a year thereafter.
3He who sees the sun bereft of rays and the fire with rays (radiating from it) will not survive the eleventh month.
4He who vomits urine, cow-dung, gold or silver either while awake or in dream, will not survive ten months.
5He whose feet crack either in front or at the back, or become dusty or marshy, lives only for seven months.
6If a crow, a dove, a vulture or any other bird of prey settles on his head, he does not survive six months.
7He who is obstructed by rows of crows or by a dust storm, lives only for four or five months.
8He who sees lightning without clouds, in the southern direction, or water or the rainbow (without the existence of clouds) lives only for two or three months.
9He who does not see his reflection either in water or in a mirror or who sees his reflection without the head does not survive a month.
10If the body smells like a corpse or like burning fat, death is imminent. He lives only for a fortnight.
11If a biting wind seems to pierce the vulnerable points of one’s body or if no sensation is experienced after touching water, death is imminent for him.
12If he dreams that he is singing and proceeding to the south on a chariot to which bears and monkeys are yoked, it shall be known as a sign of imminent death.
13If he dreams that he is being led to southern direction by a dark singing woman wearing black garment, he does not survive long.
14If he dreams that he wears black rags or that his ear is broken, it shall be known as a sign of imminent death.
15If he dreams that he is immersed in a marshy sea up to the head, he does not survive long after seeing the dream.
16He who sees (in dream) ashes, burning coals, hair, dry river and serpents will not survive ten nights.
17If he dreams that he is being beaten by hideous dark-skinned men with weapons and stones in their hands, he dies soon.
18If a howling vixen rushes directly at him early in the morning at sunrise, his death is imminent.
19If he feels acute pain in the chest and morbid sensitiveness in the teeth immediately after taking bath, his death is imminent.
20If he gasps for breath during night or day and is unable to discern the smell of an oil lamp, know that his death is imminent.
21If he were to see the rain-bow at night and the cluster of stars during the day, and if he is unable to see his reflection in others’ eyes, he does not live long.
22He, one of whose eyes begins to water, whose ears are dislodged from their places and whose nose becomes crooked (and curved) should be known as approaching death.
23Death is imminent to him whose tongue is black and rough and whose face appears muddy and whose cheeks are ruddy and flattened.
24A man who (in dream) goes to the southern direction with hair dishevelled, laughing, singing and dancing, meets with the imminent end of life.
25He who perspires frequently, the sweat drops being like white mustard seeds, dies very soon.
26He who in dream, goes to the south in a chariot to which camels or donkeys are yoked does not live long.
27These are two extremely ill omens, viz. he does not hear loud noise with his ears and does not see bright light with his eyes.
28If he sees in dream that he has fallen in a ditch and that there is no door to escape through and that he is unable to stand up from the ditch, that marks the end of his life.
29One is definitely in difficult situation if the eye moves upward without steadiness, becomes red and begins to whirl round, if the mouth becomes hot, if the umbilicus is porous and the urine is very hot.
30If a man is directly hit during the day or night and sees the attacking man (in dream), the man so hit does not live long.
31If a man dreams that he is entering fire but does not remember the details after waking up, that marks the end of his life.
32Death is imminent to the man who sees his white covering cloth as red or black in dream.
33-35A wise man should eschew fear and dejection when death approaches him as indicated by the ill omens. He should then start from his house and walk to the east or to the north. With a pure mind he should sit in a level spot isolated and devoid of crowds. He should perform Acamana and sit facing north or east. He should sit in the Svastika posture. After bowing down to Lord Siva he should keep his body, head and neck straight.
36His posture is comparable to a lamp in a windless place where it is steady (not flickering)1. He should practise Yoga in a spot sloping to the east or north.
37He shall perform Dhdrana in the vital breath, eyes, skin, ears, mind, intellect and chest. He shall take particular delight in keeping Dhdrana in the vital breath.
38After realizing the advent of death and the groups (of ill omens) he shall perform Yoga-Dharanas in the parts of the bodies twelve times.
39He shall perform hundred or hundred and eight Dharanas on the head. Without Dharanas in the Yoga, the breath does not function properly (goes anywhere).
40Then with a purity of mind, he should fill the body with Omkara. Thus, full of Omkara, he does not perish. He becomes imperishable.