Incarnations of Mahesvara ||23||

1Vayu continued: The thirty-first Kalpa is known as Pitavasas1 (yellow garmented). Here, god Brahma of great brilliance assumes a yellow complexion.
2While Brahma, the supreme god, was meditating with a desire for sons, a son of great splendour robed in yellow attire appeared.
3He was a mighty-armed young man with yellow ointment applied over his limbs. He wore yellow garlands, yellow sacred- thread and yellow turban.
4On seeing him engaged in meditation, Brahma mentally saluted him who was the supreme lord and the creator of the universe.
5When god Brahma became absorbed in meditation, he saw a great hideous cow pertaining to the great god, coming out from the mouth of Mahesvara.
6That Cow-goddess had four feet, four faces, four hands, four teats, four eyes, four horns, four curved fangs, four mouths and faces on every side. It was united with thirty-two Lokas.
7On seeing that great goddess Mahesvari, the god of immense splendour who was bowed to by Devas, spoke:
8“Come on. Come on,” said he, eulogising her frequently by terms such as ‘intellect’, ‘memory’ and ‘knowledge’. He got up with palms joined in reverence and addressed her thus.
9“Enveloping the universe with Yoga, bring the whole world under (your) control. Or you will join with Rudra and become his consort. For the welfare of Brahmanas, you will be the highest truth.”
10-11Then the lord of the chief of Devas gave the four- footed great goddess (Mahesvari) to Brahma who was meditating with a desire to have sons. Then realising by his Yogic meditation that she was the supreme goddess, Brahma who deserves obeisance from all the world, sought refuge in her. Having meditated on the Gayatri pertaining to Rudra, god Brahma became self-controlled.
12After performing the Japa of Rudra Gayatri—the Vedic lore that was given to him and the great goddess bowed to by the people of Rudra-loka, he resorted to the great lord (Rudra) with his mind fixed on him in meditation.
13Again remembered by him, the great lord gave him the divine Yoga, over lordship and glory, the riches of knowledge and detachment.
14-15Then the Lord burst out into a terrific, boisterous and dazzling loud laugh. And around there appeared brilliant sons, who wore yellow garlands and yellow robes. They had yellow ointments. They had yellow heads, yellow turbans, yellow hair and yellow faces.
16-17After staying for a thousand years, at the end of the period, these Yogic souls of pure splendour, desiring the welfare of Brahmanas, took their ceremonial bath. They were endowed with piety and Yogic power. They imparted instruction in Yoga to the sages engaged in the Sattra of long duration and entered lord Rudra.
18-19Even all others—those who have restrained their souls, who are engaged in meditation, who have conquered the sense organs and who have thus resorted to the lord, eschew their sins, become sinless and pure and are endowed with the splendour of Brahman. They enter lord Rudra never to be born again (in samsara).
20Vayu said: When the Kalpa of yellow colour of the self-born deity passed away, another Kalpa called Sita began to function.
21When the universe was turned into a single vast ocean and a thousand divine years had elapsed, the dejected Brahma desirous of creating the subjects began to think.
22While he was thinking and meditating with a desire for sons, the complexion of that great god turned black.
23Then he of great splendour saw that a boy of great powers, dark in complexion and shinning with his lustre had appeared.
24He wore dark garments, an excellent black turban, black sacred thread, black garlands and unguents and had a black head.
25On seeing the noble-souled, immortal one with terrible mantras, he (Brahma) paid homage to the dark and tawny Lord of the chief of the Devas and the universe.
26The glorious Brahma was engaged in Pranayama (breath control). With Mahesvara (the great god) in his heart, he mentally sought refuge in the Lord of ascetics absorbed in meditation. Brahma then contemplated on Brahman as Aghora.
27While he was thus meditating Lord Rudra burst out in a boisterous laughter.
28Then from his sides four noble sons emerged. They were black in complexion and had black garlands and unguents.
29They wore black garments, turbans, clothes and had black faces. They laughed aloud boisterously. They uttered great hissing sounds. They performed obeisance again and again.
30Then they worshipped him for a thousand years by means of Yoga and at the end of that period they transferred their activities to their disciples.
31Endowed with Yoga and by its means, they contemplated upon Siva. They entered the region of Rudra, the lord of the universe—the region that was devoid of impurities and attributes.
32Other Brahmanas too well-versed in the injunctions who meditate upon Rudra by means of Yoga attain the eternal lord.
33When that terrible black Kalpa elapsed, another Kalpa named Visvarupa began to function.
34After the period of dissolution was over when the mobile and immobile beings were created and when Brahma desirous of sons began to meditate, the omnipresent Sarasvati of great sound manifested (herself).
35-36Brahma who had a Yogic communion with his Atman mentally meditated on Isana, the lord of all, the omnipresent, who was clad in universal garlands and robes and who wore universal sacred thread and universal turban and who had applied universal scents, who had mighty arms and had universe as his abode. Brahma bowed to the lord.
37To him who was thus meditating and saluting, with the words “Om to Isana, O Mahadeva, obeisance be to you,” the Lord Isa (Siva) said, “I am pleased with you. Ask what you desire.”
38Then, bowing and eulogising the lord with words, the delighted Brahma replied with a contented mind:
39“O lord I wish to know your universal form that pervades and rules over the universe. I wish to know who is this supreme god.
40Who is this goddess with four feet, four faces, four horns, four mouths, four teeth and four teats?
41How is she described as four-armed, four-eyed and pervader of the universe? What is her name? What is her Atman? What is her prowess in activity?”
42Mahesvara replied: “Listen precisely to this holy and nourishing secret of all mantras. It is the great secret of the first creation.
43The Kalpa that is current now is known as Visvarupa, wherein Devas, Bhava and others and twenty-six Manus (are said to have existed).
44O Lord, this is the thirty-third Kalpa since you have occupied the position of Brahma.
45O great sage, O lord of devas, know that previous to your existence a hundred thousand self-born deities (i.e. Brahmas) have passed away.
46It should be known that Ananda (is your predecessor). In Ananda you will be ultimately dissolved. You are of the spiritual lineage of Galavya. By virtue of penance you have become my son.
47-48In you are firmly established Yoga, Sankhya, penance, learning, sacred precepts, rites, order, truth, Brahman, non-violence, series of generations, meditation, the body for meditation, quiescence, Vidya and Avidya, mind, fortitude, splendour, calmness, memory, intellect, modesty, purity, speech, contentment, nourishment, rituals, shyness and forbearance.
49Know, O Brahma, that this great goddess is Prakriti, your mother. She possesses twenty-six attributes. She is called “thirty- two syllabled”.
50-51This venerable goddess is the mother of the self-born god. She has four faces. She is the origin of the universe. She is glorified as Prakriti, the cow whom the meditators of the reality call Prakriti and Pradhana. This unborn (Goddess) is red, white and black in complexion. She is beautiful in form and creator of the universe. While I, the unborn, am intelligent knower that, the universal-formed (all-pervading) Gayatri, is the universal-formed cow.”
52After saying thus, the great lord laughed boisterously. Moving clapping his hands loudly he produced ‘Kahakaha’ sound.
53Then from his sides divine sons of various forms were born, some with matted hair, some with shaven heads, some with tufts and some with half-shaven heads.
54-55Those sons of great prowess worshipped the lord for a thousand divine years by means of Yoga as mentioned (before), instructed decent pupils in righteousness and Yogic practice and restraint. Thereafter, they entered Lord Rudra.
56Vayu continued: Then Brahma, the grandfather of the world was struck with wonder. He resorted to the great god (Mahadeva) with heart full of devotion. He spoke the words, “O Lord! How is this entire whiteness of yours?”
57The Lord replied: When it was Svetakalpa, I became wholly white. I had white turban, white garlands and white garments, and was known as the auspicious.
58My bones, flesh, hair and skin were white. My blood too was white. Hence this Kalpa came to be known as Sveta.
59Due to my grace, the lord of Devas possessed white limbs and white blood, The Gayatri called Brahma Gayatri was of white complexion.
60O lord of Devas, I, the eternal Sadyojata, stationed in the secret region, have been realised by you by means of penance. So, this secret Brahman is glorified as Sadyojata.
61Hence the Brahmanas who realize me hidden in secret (the heart) will approach me whence the return (to samsara) is rare.
62When I next became Lohita (red), the Kalpa too was known as Lohita through the colour assumed by me.
63Then Gayatri, the cow was glorified as endowed with red flesh, bones, blood, milk, eyes, and udder.
64Then I became Vamadeva as my colour changed into red. By the excellence of Yoga, I was known as Vamadeva.
65Still, O Mighty one, I have been known by you of restrained soul as white coloured that excels all colours. Henceforth I attained fame as Vamadeva.
66-67Those twice-born ones who realize my position as Vamadeva and who realise Mother Rudrani, Gayatri, are liberated from sins. They become free from passion. They have the splendour of Brahman. They will attain Rudra’s region from which the return is rarely possible.
68When this Kalpa became terribly black in colour through the colour assumed by me, the Kalpa was called Krshna.
69There I am like Kala (God of death). I am black and I illuminate the worlds. O Brahma, I have been realised by you as terrible and of terrific exploit.
70Hence to those on the earth who realise me in this terrible form, I the eternal god shall become non-terrible and quiescent.
71To those on the earth who realize me in universal form, I always become propitious and gentle.
72Hence this Kalpa too is Visvarupa. There Savitri too is Visvarupa (universal-formed).
73These sons of mine art omni formed. They are mentioned to be four. Their feet are indeed worshipped by the worlds.
74Hence too in my subjects there will be all castes and colours. The subjects shall eat all sorts of foodstuffs. They will be pure according to caste.
75Salvation, virtue, wealth and love constitute a set of four1. Hence the knower and the known too will become fourfold.
76The living beings are of four categories. The stages in life are four. The feet of virtue are four. My sons are four.
77The universe consisting of the mobile and immobile beings, exists in the four Yugas. Since it is four-fold, it becomes four-footed.
78Bhur, Bhuvar, Svar, Mahas, Jana, Tapas and Santa are the seven regions. The region of Rudra is beyond these regions.
79Svar is the third and Mahas is the fourth. This region is very extensive. It is the great abode of Yogins.
80Those alone who practise Yoga, who know about it, who meditate upon it, who are in communion with it, who are free from the feeling of cmy-ness’, who are devoid of egotism, lust or anger, can realize it.
81Since you saw the four-footed Sarasvati, all animals will be four-footed and will have four teats.
82Since Soma charged with Mantras exuded from my mouth, O Brahma, the soul of all living beings will drink milk contained in her breasts.
83Hence (the milk) will be full of Soma and is designated as Amrta (nectar) and hence the quadrupeds have their whiteness therefrom.
84Since the goddess Savitri, the promoter of the welfare of the world, was seen by you again as two-footed, after performing the rites, so all human beings will be two-footed and two breasted.
85Since this supreme goddess (Mahesvari) of great prowess who sustains all living beings, was seen by you as the she- goat (unborn—Prakriti) endowed with all colours, hence the universality of forms of she-goats.
86Thehe-goat (or the unborn deity) of great brilliance will become universal-formed. Its semen will never be wasted. Everywhere it will have fire in its mouth. Hence the all-pervading fire is worthy of sacrifice in the form of an animal.
87The Brahmanas who have purified their souls by practising penance will see the all-pervading lord as Isa or Siva everywhere.
88Being free from passion and ignorance and after abandoning their human bodies, they come to me once and for all and never return.
89O Brahmanas! Thus, being addressed by Rudra, Lord Brahma, the grandfather of the world bowed down to Rudra and spoke to him again with humility and restraint.
90Brahma said: O Lord Mahesvara, O chief of the lords of Devas, O omnipresent Mahadeva, these bodies of yours are revered by the people.
91O long-armed mighty lord, of universal forms, in what Yuga will the Brahmanas see you?
92O Mahadeva! By what logaof Tattvas (contemplation of true principle) or yogic meditation can your bodies be visualized by Brahmanas?
93-94The Lord replied: Neither by penance, nor by Yoga, nor as a fruit of religious gifts, nor as a result of pilgrimage to holy places, nor by performance of sacrifices with liberal sacrificial fees, nor through the teaching of the Vedas, nor by dedicating the mind, can I be seen by human beings except through meditation.
95The all-pervading (Vishnu) Narayana, the Lord of the three worlds will be famous in this world by the name Varaha.
96He will have four arms, four feet, four eyes, four faces, six parts, three heads and three bodies in three places (worlds). He will assume the form of sacrifice after becoming Samvatsara (year).
97-99The four yugas, Krita, Treta, Dvapara and Kali, will be the four feet. His limbs will be the sacrifices (Kratus). His arms are the four Vedas; the season, the beginnings of conjunctions; the two faces are the two Ayanas (transits of the sun) and the eyes are four (two per face). The three heads are the three Parva days in the months of Phalguna, Asadha and Kartika; three seats (in places) are the heaven, the firmament and the earth. Creation and dissolution (of the world) are described as the two stages (in his life).
100In Varaha Kalpa when he assumes the form of Kala, lord Vishnu, Narayana will become attainable.
101O Lord of Devas, you will also become four-faced. People residing in Brahmaloka will worship you.
102-103When you will see the great sage Purusa, Narayana, the Lord of the Devas, lying absorbed in meditation on a float in the vast ocean (of cosmic waters), minds of both of you will be confounded by my Yogic power. Without recognizing each other at night you will be fighting with each other.
104On seeing the worlds containing mobile and immobile beings stationed in each other’s belly, you will be very much surprised and realise the truth through meditation.
105Then you, the lotus-born Brahma and he the lotus- navelled ancient Purusa (Vishnu) will become very famous in the Kalpa designated as Lotus (Padma’) Kalpa.
106Then in the seventh Kalpa of the lord, in the Varaha Kalpa, Vishnu of great splendour, Kala the annihilator of worlds will be born as your son and known as Vaivasvata Manu.
107In that Kalpa when the four Yugas have passed, I will be born as a great sage called Sveta having a tuft, at the end of the Yuga.
108In the beautiful peak of Himavat, on the excellent mountain Chagala, I will be having four disciples who were excellent devotees of Siva.
109The four noble-souled Brahmanas, masters of the Vedas, will be Sveta, (Sveta-) Sikha, Svetasva and Sveta- Lohita.
110Seeing the great goal of Brahman and fully absorbed into Brahman, they will approach and (be united with) him eternally (whence there is no return to samsara).
111-112Again, there will be born the patriarch Vyasa by name Satya in the second Dvapara age. I known as Sutara, will be born in the Kali age for the bliss and welfare of the people and to shower grace (on them).
113There too my sons will be born: Dundubhi, Satarupa, Ricika and Kratuman.
114Attaining the Yogic power, perfect knowledge and eternal Brahman, they will go to Rudra Loka whence there can be no return (to samsara).
115In the third Dvapara age, when Bhargava is the Vyasa, I will be born as Damana at the end of that age.
116There also four sons will be born to me, viz. Visoka, Vikesa, Visapa and Sapanasana.
117Those sons, endowed with great splendour will, by means of Yogic path, go to the region of Rudra whence there is no return.
118In the fourth Dvapara age, when Arigiras is the Vyasa, I will be born and known as Suhotra.
119There also four excellent sons will be born to me. They will be great ascetics, excellent Brahmanas, steadfast in holy rites and endowed with Yogic souls.
120They will be Sumukha, Durmukha, Durdama and Duratikrama. They will attain the subtle goal of Yoga and become pure. Their sins will be burnt. They too will be going along the same path.
121In the fifth Dvapara age, when Savitr will be the Vyasa, I shall be born as a great ascetic (called) Kanga (Kanka?). I am being a Yogic soul, will perform many activities for showering grace on the world.
122Four blessed sons, pure in origin, free from passion, will be born to me. They will be Yogic souls, steadfast in their rites.
123They are Sana, Sanandana, Sanatana and Rtu Sanatkumara. They will be devoid of egotism and selfishness. They will approach me and cease to return to the world.
124In the sixth revolution of the cycle of Yugas, when Lord Mrtyu is the Vyasa, I shall be born and will be known as Lokaksi.
125Four blessed disciples will be born to me. They will be divine Yogic souls, steadfast in the religious rites. Those highly fortunate ones will be highly honoured by the people.
126They are Sudhaman, Viraja, Sankha and Padrava. All of them will be Yogic souls, great Atmans, with their sins burnt. They too will go along the same path, to be sure.
127-128In the seventh revolution of Yugas when Satakratu is the Vyasa, who formerly was lord Satakratu of great brilliance, I will be born in the Kali age at the end of that Yuga and be known as Jaigisavya. I will be the most excellent of all Yogins.
129There in that Yuga the four sons will be born to me, viz. Sarasvata, Sumedhas, Vasuvaha and Suvahana.
130Resorting to meditation these noble souls will go to Rudraloka.
131-132In the eighth revolution of the Yuga-cycle when Vasistha is the Vyasa, Kapila, Asuri, Pancasikha and Vagbali, the great Yogi, all of them will be endowed with great prowess. After obtaining (being initiated in) Mahesvara’s Yoga and being absorbed in meditation, they will burn down all their sins. They will approach me (and being absorbed in me) they will never return to the world.
133In the ninth revolution, when Sarasvata is the Vyasa I will be born and known as Risabha. There also I shall have sons of great prowess.
134They will be Parasara, Gargya, Bhargava and Angiras, noble-souled Brahmanas, masters of the Vedas.
135They will be excellent in penance and prowess. They will be capable of and experts in cursing and blessing. They too will go in the same manner and attain the goal, through the Yogic meditation, as mentioned before.
136-137In the tenth Dvapara when Tridhaman is the Vyasa, I will be born on the peak of Himavan, on the excellent mountain Bhrigutunga. The peak is known so after the name of Bhrigu.
138There also, my sons of steadfast vows will be born. They are Balabandhu, Niramitra, Ketusrnga and Tapodhana.
139They will be greatyogic souls endowed with the Yoga of meditation. With their sins burnt by penance, they will go to Rudraloka.
140In the eleventh revolution, when Trivrt is the Vyasa, I shall be born at Gangadvara at the end of the Kali age.
141My sons of loud voice known as Ugras will be born then. Endowed with great power, they will be well-behaved and well-known in the world.
142They are Larhbodara, Lamba, Lambaksa and Lambakesaka. After attaining the Yoga of Siva, they will go to Rudraloka. They too will attain the great goal along the same path.
143In the twelfth revolution (of the Yuga-cycle), the great sage Satatejas, most excellent among poets, will be the Vyasa.
144At the end of the Yuga, I shall be born on the earth and be known as Atri. I shall resort to the forest called Haimaka and take to Yoga.
145Here also my sons will be born. They will be great Yogins taking bath and smearing Bhasma as unguent and devoted to Rudra.
146They are Sarvajna, Samabuddhi, Sadhya and Sarva. Devotedly engaged in Yogic meditation, they will go to Rudraloka.
147-148When the thirteenth revolution has arrived, and Dharma Narayana is the Vyasa, I will be born as the sage Vali in the holy hermitage of Valakhilyas on the mountain Gandhamadana.
149There too my sons will be born as great ascetics (lit. who value penance as wealth), viz.: Sudhaman, Kasyapa, Vasistha and Virajas.
150They will be endowed with Yogic power. They will be unsullied. They will remain celibate sublimating their sexuality. Along with the same Yogic path, they will undoubtedly go (to Rudraloka).
151-152In the fourteenth revolution when Suraksana is the Vyasa, I will be born again at the end of ‘the Yuga in the family of Ahgiras, (and be called) by the name of Gautama, the excellent knower of Yoga. That forest will also become holy and be named Gautama.
153There also, in the Kali age, my sons will be born, viz. Atri, Ugratapas, Sravanaand Sravistaka.
154They will be great Yogic souls. They will be devoted to the Yoga of meditation. They will go along the same path and become the residents of Rudraloka.
155-157When in due course the fifteenth revolution arrives and when in the Dvapara age Aruni is the Vyasa, I shall be a Brahmana named Vedasiras. There Vedasiras, the miraculous missile of the supreme Lord, will be powerful. The mountain (also) will be known as Vedasiras. I shall be resorting to the Himavan on its excellent peak, the source of the river Sarasvati.
158-159There too my sons will be born, viz., Kuni, Kunibahu, Kusarira and Kunetraka. Yogic souls absorbed in Brahman and of sublimated sexuality, they too will go to Rudraloka along the same path.
160When the sixteenth revolution has arrived gradually, lord Vyasa will be born and known assanjaya.
161I too will be born and known as Gokarna. The forest will become holy and be known as Gokarna.
162There too very powerful sons will be born to me, viz. Kasyapa, Usanas, Cyavana and Bfhaspati. They too will attain the great region and go along the same path.
163When the seventeenth revolution has arrived in due course, DevaKritanjaya will be the Vyasa.
164There too, I will be born and known as Guhavasin on the lofty peak of Himavat called Mahalaya. This centre of Siddhis will be very holy.
165There too, omniscient noble-souled sons will be born to me. They will not be egotistic. They will be the knowers of Yoga and engrossed in Brahman.
166-167They will be Utathya, Vamadeva, Mahakala and Mahalaya. They will have hundreds and thousands of disciples all practising meditation. In that Kalpa, all of them will be in communion with Brahman by means of meditation. Ever practising Yoga and keeping the great lord in their heart, they will step onto Mahalaya and enter the eternal Siva.
168-169Then at the end of the age, some other noble Atmans too will become unsullied and pure. Attaining the holy Mahalaya, the region of the great lord, they will enable the people ten generations before and ten after, to cross the ocean of worldly existence.
170After making everyone (of the preceding ten and succeeding ten generations) including themselves as the twenty-first, cross the great ocean (of worldly existence), they will attain, through my grace, the region of Rudra, free from (worldly) feverishness.
171-172When the eighteenth revolution (of the cycle of Yugas) arrives, and Rtanjaya is the Vyasa, I shall be bom and known by the name Sikhandin on the holy peak of Himalaya, worshipped by Devas and Danavas, where stands the mountain Sikhandin. The forest known as Sikhandin is resorted to by sages and Siddhas.
173-174There too my sons, the ascetics will be born. These are their names: Vacahsravas, Rtika, Savasa and Drcjhavrata. They will be Yogic souls, very powerful and masters of the Vedas. Attaining the Yoga of Lord Siva, they will go to Rudraloka.
175When the nineteenth revolutation arrives, the great sage Bharadvaja will become Vyasa.
176There too, I will be born and known as Jatamalin, on the charming peak of the Himavat where the mountain Jatayu exists.
177There too very powerful sons will be born to me, viz. Hiranyanaman, Kausilya, Kaksiva and Kuthumi.
178All of them will be lords of Yogic holy rites. They will observe celibacy. After attaining the Yoga of the great Lord, they will go to Rudraloka.
179-180When in the twentieth revolution (of the cycle of yugas) Vacahsravas is the Vyasa, I shall be born and known as Attahasin. Then men will be fond of Attahasas (boisterous laughs).
181There on the top of Himavat itself, resorted to by Siddhas and Caranas, very powerful and brilliant sons will be born to me. They will be Yogic souls engrossed in meditation, regularly observing holy rites and highly Sattvika by nature.
182They will be Sumantu, Varvari, Subandhu and Kusikandhara. After attaining the Yoga of the great Lord Rudra, they will go to Rudraloka.
183-184When the twentyfirst revolution arrives in due course and when Vacaspati is the Vyasa, I will be born and known by the name Daruka. And the holy forest will be known as Devadaruvana.
185There too highly powerful and brilliant sons, namely Plaksa, Dakshayani, Ketumalin and Baka, will be born to me.
186They will be Yogic souls, high-minded (magnanimous), of sublimated sexuality. Resorting to supreme Yoga these sinless ones will attain the region of Rudra.
187-188In the twenty-second revolution, when Suklayana is the Vyasa, I will be born as a sage in Varanasi, and known as Bhima (awe-inspiring) Langalin. There devas including Indra will see me incarnated in Kali as Halayudha (withplough-share as a weapon).
189-190There too, righteous sons will be born to me, viz. Tulyarcis, Madhu, Pingaksa and Svetaketu. They will attain Siva’s Yoga. Engrossed in meditation, they will be free from passion. Absorbed in Brahman they will proceed to Rudraloka.
191-192In the twenty-third revolution, when Trnabindu is the Vyasa, O Brahma, I will be born as the highly righteous son of a sage. Possessed of mighty physique, I shall be known by the name of Sveta. I will be spending my time on that excellent mountain. Hence the mountain will be known as Kalanjara.
193There also powerful sons will be born to me, viz. Usija, Brhaduktha, Devala and Kavi. After attaining the Yoga of the Lord Rudra, they will go to Rudraloka.
194In the twenty-fourth revolution, when Riksa will be the Vyasa, O Brahma, in that Kali age, towards the end, I will be born as a great Yogin by name Sulin, in the Naimisha forest honoured by the Yogins.
195There too my ascetic sons will be born, viz., Salihotra Agnivesya, Yuvanasva and Saradvasu. Those sages of good religious vows endowed with the Yogic power will attain Rudra.
196-197When the twentyfifth revolution arrives in due course, and Sakti, son of Vasistha becomes the Vyasa, I will be born as the lord Munisvara with a staff (a recluse) in the city Kotivarsa honoured by devas.
198There too my sons will be born in succession. They will be noble Yogic souls observing celibacy.
199They will be Chagala, Kumbhakarsasya, Kumbha and Prabahuka. After attaining the Yoga of the great Lord Rudra they will also go along the same path.
200In the twentysixth revolution of the jwga-cycle, when Parasara is the Vyasa, I shall be born and known as Sahisnu in the Kali age at its close, in the holy forest of Rudra.
201There too, sons of great piety will be born to me, viz. Uluka, Vaidyuta, Sarvaka and Asvalayana. After attaining the Yoga of Rudra, the great god, they will also go the same way to Rudraloka.
202-203When the twentyseventh revolution has arrived in the course and Jatukarnya becomes the Vyasa, I will be born as the excellent Brahmana Somasarman in the holy centre of Prabhasa. I will be a Yogic soul well-known in the worlds.
204There too the sages will be born as my sons, viz. Aksapada, Kanada, Uluka and Vatsa.
205They will be noble Yogic souls, free from sin and pure in intellect. After attaining the Yoga of the great lord, they will go to Rudraloka.
206-207When the twenty-eighth revolution has arrived in due course and the glorious Vishnu, the great father of the worlds becomes Dvaipayana Vyasa, then Krshna, the best amongst men and the chief of Yadus, by a sixth of his part, will be born of Vasudeva as Vasudeva.
208Then I will be a yogic soul and assume the body of a religious student to surprise the worlds, by means of Yogic Maya.
209On seeing a forlorn dead body (of a child) left (deserted) in a cremation ground, I, with my power of Yogic Maya, entered (will enter) that body for the welfare of Brahmanas.
210With you Vishnu (as my companion), (I shall stay) in the holy cave of Meru. I shall be known by the name Nakulin, O Brahman.
211Then it will be a centre of Siddhas called Kayarohana. It will remain famous till the earth lasts (i.e. up to the deluge).
212There too my sons will be born as the ascetics Kusika, Gargya, Mitraka and Rusta.
213They will be noble Atmans endowed with Yogic power. They will be Brahmanas, masters of the Vedas. They will be free from dirt (sin) and abstain from sexual intercourse. After attaining the Yoga of Rudra, they will go to Rudraloka and never return.
214Thus I have mentioned incarnations from Manu to Krishnain the twenty-eight cycles of Yugas. This series of traditional accounts is very sacred and virtuous.