Families of Sages ||28||

1Sutasaid: Khyati bore to Bhrigu the holy lords Dhatr and Vidhatri living throughout the Manvantara. They were masters of happiness and misery and grant auspicious and inauspicious results to living beings.
2Their eldest sister, the chaste goddess Sri, the purifier of worlds, attained the auspicious lordNarayana as her husband, and gave birth to two sons: Bala (Strength) and Utsaha (Energy).
3Those heaven-walkers who pilot the aerial chariots of Devas and meritorious beings, were born to her as mental sons.
4-5She had two daughters Ayati and Niyati who are remembered as the wives of Vidhatr and Dhatr. They had two sons Pandu and MRikandu. They were firm in religious vows, eternal and the very storehouses of the Vedic learning. Mar- kandeya was born of MRikandu from Manasvini.
6Vedasiras was his son born of Murdhanya. The sons born to Vedasiras in Pivari established the family line. They were known as MaRikandeyas. They were seers and masters of the Vedas.
7Pandu begot of Pundarka a son, Dyutiman. Two sons were born to him, viz. Dyutimanta and Srjavan. Their sons and grandsons had alliances with the descendants of Bhrigu. Listen to the progeny of Marici when the Svayambhuva Manvantara had passed.
8Marici’s wife gave birth to a son Purnamasa. Know that these daughters too were born, viz. Kusti, Prsti, Tvisa and the beautiful Apaciti.
9Purnamasa begot of Sarasvati two sons Virajas and the righteous Parvasa.
10Viraja’s son Sudhaman was famous as learned Vairaja. The son of Sudhaman resorted to (and settled in) the eastern quarter.
11He was the son of Gauri and a valorous, righteous ruler of the worlds. Parvasa had great fame and he was the most excellent of all Ganas.
12Parvasabegot of Parvasa two glorious sons Yajnavama and Kasyapa. These two righteous sons established their race.
13-14Smrti, the wife of Angiras, gave birth to two sons and four daughters who were pious and renowned in the world. They (the daughters) were Sinivali, Kuhu, Raka and Anumati. The sons were two, viz. Bharatagni and Kirtiman.
15Samhuti gave birth to Agni’s (Bharatagni’s?) son, Lord Parjanya. Another Parjanya called Hiranyaroma was born of Marici. He is known as the guardian of the world abiding up to the final dissolution of the world.
16To Kirtiman, Dhenuka bore two pious sons—Varistha and Dhrtiman. They were the most excellent of the descedants of Angiras.
17-19Their sons and grandsons who were in thousands have passed away. Anasuya gave birth to five sinless sons by Atri, and to a daughter called Sruti, the mother of Sankhapada. She was the wife of Kardama, son of Pulaha, the Patriarch. The five sons of Atri are glorified (enumerated) thus: Satyanetra, Havya, Apomurti, Sanisvara and the fifth was Soma. At the end of Svayambhuva Manvantar a they passed away along with the Yama gods.
20The descendants of Atri, their sons and grandsons were in hundreds and thousands. They lived upto the end of Svayambhuva Manvantara.
21Dattali was the son of Pulastya by his wife Priti. In his previous birth, in the Svayambhuva Manvantara, he was known as Agastya. Devabahu was the middle and Vinita was the third son of Pulastya.
22Their younger sister, viz. Sadvati was well known. She is remembered as the splended and pure wife of Agni (i.e. Bharatagni) and mother of Parjanya.
23The wife of Dattali, the saintly and intelligent son of Pulastya and Priti brought forth many sons: Sujangha and others. They became famous as Paulastyas (descendants of Pulastya).
24Ksama gave birth to the sons of Pulaha. They had fiery refulgence and they established their reputation.
25They were Kardama, Ambarisa, Sahisnu, Rsi and Dhanakapivan. An auspicious daughter, Pivari, was also born.
26Kardama’s wife Sruti’s daughter of Atri, gave birth to a son Sankhapada and a daughter Kamya.
27The glorious Sankhapada was a Prajapati and the ruler of worlds. After givingKamya (in marriage) to Priyavrata, he settled in the southern region.
28From Priyavrata, Kamya got ten sons equal to Svayam- bhuva Manu and two daughters who extended the Ksattriya race.
29The sons Dhanakapivan and Sahisnu became famous. So also, Yasodharin, Kamadeva and Sumadhyama.
30From Rtu a son equal to Kratu was born and the progeny was auspicious. They did not marry and remained celibate. They were sixty thousand in number and known as Valakhilyas.
31They surround the sun and go ahead of Aruna. They will remain fellow travellers with the sun till the universe is finally dissolved.
32Two younger sisters were Punyatma and Sumati. They were the daughters-in-law of Parvasa, son ofPurnamasa.
33-34Seven sons were born to Vasistha in Urja. Their eldest sister was the slender-waisted lady Pundarka who was the mother of Dyutiman and the wife of Pandu. Her younger brothers were seven. They were famous as Vasisthas.
35They were Rajas, Putra, Ardhabahu, Savana. Adhana, Sutapas and Sukla. They are known as seven sages.
36The famous daughter of Markandeya bore to Rajas a son known as Prajapati Ketuman, a king in the western region.
37-38Vasisthas are known by their Gotra names. The races of the noble-souled Vasisthas passed away in the Svayambhuva Manvantara. Listen to the progeny of Agni. Thus, the creation of sages has been recounted along with their attendants. Henceforth, listen to the progeny of Agni in deatail and in due order.