Origin of Creation ||3||

1Suta said: Obeisance to the great God (Siva) of supreme power and activity, the prominent one among gods, whose intelligence and brilliance is immeasurable. Salute to him of the brilliance of thousands of suns and fire. Hail to the creator and annihilator of the universe!
2-5I shall narrate the story that wards off the evil of the Kali age, after bowing to the Prajapatis bowed to by all the world, to great Lords like the self-born god Brahma, Rudra and other deities, (to) Bhrigu, Marici, Paramesthin, Manu, (to) Rajas, Tamas (and Sattva), to Dharma, Kasyapa, Vasistha, Daksha, Atri, Pulastya, Kardama, Ruci, Vivasvat, Kratu, (to) the Patriarch sage Angiras, Pulaha, Cukrodhana and the group of twenty-one ordered to carry out their duty of increasing the subjects (human beings) and to those ancient, eternal sages who are accompanied by their attendants. I bow to the sages, the leaders of whom are Brihaspati and Usanas who shine by their firmness and fortitude. I bow to those merciful sages of auspicious conduct and penance.
6I shall describe the excellent creation of Prajapati (God Brahma) embellished by Indra, gods, and the sages. It is auspicious, incomparable, sinless and pleasing to the sages and the patriarchs (Prajapatis) of great splendour.
7The (Purana) story proclaimed by the Wind-god is greater than the greatest. It describes the period from the beginning of god Brahma’s day; it describes the sages who have amply and distinctly manifested the glory of their manliness and splendour. It is spread (incorporated) in the Vedas and Smritis and illustrated (therein) as well.
8It is highly delightful to the mind due to the precise construction of compounds and (the use of) appropriate variety of words. Herein is described the first activity of unmanifest nature prompted by lord Siva.
9-10What is mentioned as the incomprehensible cause is Brahman which is the source of origin of the Prakriti. The individual unit is a synthesis of Atman, the cavity of the heart, womb, eye and the body. It is immortal and imperishable. The semen comprises the Sattva Guna, penance and is very bright. That incomprehensible eternal second Purusa is pervaded by Brahma, the grandfather of the worlds.
11By the mere mental conception of the great lord, Prakriti gives birth to the eight causes for increasing the continuity of creation and to the predetermined changes in the personal soul, it (i.e. Prakriti) being the procreator, the possessor of Rajas in abundance, bound by the cosmic time and the limits prescribed by the Vedas. (?)
12-14(The Purana describes the creation of) the Devas, Asuras, mountains, trees, oceans, Manus, Patriarchs (Prajapatis), sages, Pirips, twice-born castes, Pisacas, Yaksas, Nagas, Rakshasas, stars, planets, constellations of stars, the sun, the night-prowling demons, months, seasons, years, nights, days, space, time, Yugas, Ayanas, medicinal and forest herbs, creepers, aquatic beings, Apsaras, animals, lightning, rivers, clouds, birds etc. In fact, whatever is subtle, whatever is on the earth, whatever is stationed in the sky, whatever is mobile or immobile, whatever has motion and division (is mentioned in this Purana).
15The science of the Vedas—Rik, Yajus, Saman, the Soma juice, the sacrifice—whatever is made use of and desired by Prajapati has been mentioned.
16(So also is described) The creation of those before that of Vaivasvata Manu—the birth of those pious ones who are bowed to by the three worlds such as the lords of gods, celestial sages, Manus and prominently intelligent (persons) who have filled in (populated) and embellished the three worlds.
17The rebirth of Daksha in the world of mortals by the curse of Rudra; his residence on the Earth and the mutual curse of Siva and Daksha (are mentioned).
18The revolutions of Manvantaras, the creation and dissolution of the Yugas, sages and their lineage as these happened in the primeval Yugas and would occur onward—All this is described here (in this Purana).
19Those Vyasas who propagate the Vedas in the Dvapara Yugas are serially described. So also, the number of Kalpas, worlds and the days of Brahma (are mentioned).
20The extent of four-fold living beings, viz., birds, trees, the sweat-born insects, and animals as also of the pious heaven dwellers, and of those who have gone to hell. Their extent is given by inference.
21The three types of dissolution, viz. absolute, of Prakriti (primordial nature) and periodical as also the bondage and liberation and particularly the way of worldly existence and the higher way are mentioned.
22The position of the causes remaining in the state of Prakriti (material cause) and their subsequent functioning, have been expounded to the sages through arguments and on the authority of sacred scriptures. O Brahmanas, whatever was fully narrated factually is being recounted to you exactly. Please listen.