Description of Bhadrasva ||43||

1-3Suta said: Near Gandhamadana there is a large and bulky boulder above, thirty-four thousand Yojanas long, and thirty- two thousand Yojanas wide, east to west. The residents of this area perform auspicious rites. They are well-known as Ketu- malas. The men are black in complexion. They are vigorous and powerful. The women have the lustrous complexion of the petals of a lotus. All of them have pleasing appearances.
4There is a great divine Panasa (Jack-fruit) tree there. It has six tastes. It is the son of Brahma, capable of moving about according to its pleasure. It has the speed of mind. It is veritable Isvara himself. Imbibing its juice, the people there live for ten thousand years.
5On the eastern side of Malyavat, there is another big boulder. In length and width, it is like the former one.
6The people of the area are called Bhadrasvas. They remain always joyous in mind. There is a splendid forest of huge trees called Kalamra (black mangoes).
7The men are fair-complexioned, vigorous and powerful. The women are charming and comely in appearance, with the hue and lustre of lilies.
8They have the complexion and lustre of the moon and their faces resemble the full moon. Their bodies are as cool as the moon. They have the fragrance of lotuses.
9Their span of life is ten thousand years. They are free from ailments. Imbibing the juice of the black mangoes, they enjoy perpetual youth.
10The sages said: The magnitude, lustre and the span of life of the people of all the four great continents have been explained precisely and succinctly, but not in detail.
11Suta said: O Sages of enhancing reputation! The characteristics of the people of Bhadrasva mentioned by me are what have been cited by earlier Siddhas. Now listen to them in detail.
12-13I shall narrate fully and in detail what I have seen and heard, of the five principal mountain ranges, countries and rivers which surround the famous Devakuta mountain.
14The five principal mountains are Saivala, Varnamalagra, the excellent mountain Koranja, Svetavarna and Nila.
15There are hundreds, thousands and crores of small mountains besides, which are offshoots of these five ranges.
16(In and near these mountains) there are many lands and countries where a great variety of people live, which abound in various types of animals and which are looked after by many kings.
17The lands are occupied by prosperous leading men of well-known names and valour. They are splendid and worthy of being glorified.
18Many kingdoms are established between the mountains in the lands whether plain or rugged and uneven. Their names are as follows:
19-23Sumangalas, Suddhas, Candrakantas, Sunandanas, Vrajakas, Nilasaileyas, Sauviras, Vijayasthalas, Mahasthalas, Sukamas, Mahakesas, Sumurdhajas, Vataramhas, Sopasangas, Parivayas, Paracakas, Sambhavaktras, Mahanetras, Saivalas, Stanapas, Kumudas, Sakamundas, Urahsamkirnas, Bhaumakas, Sodakas, Vatsakas, Varahas, Haravamakas, Sankhas, Bhavisandras, Uttaras, Haimabhaumakas, Kpsnabhaumas, Subhau- mas and Mahabhaumas. These and other lands and countries are very famous.
24They drink from the holy river Mahaganga which was, in the beginning, known in the three worlds as Sita bearing down volumes of cold water.
25-31The other rivers are Hamsavasati, Mahacakra, Cakra, Vaktra, Kanci, the excellent river Surasa, Sakhavati, Indranadi, Megha, Mangaravahini, Kaveri, Haritoya, Somavarta, Satahrada, Vanamala, Vasumati, Pampa, Pampavatri, Suvarna, Pancavarna, the holy Vapusmati, Manivapra, Suva- pra, Brahmabhaga, Silasini, Krshnatoya, Punyoda, the auspicious Nagapadi, Saivalini, Manitata, Ksaroda, Arunavati, Vishnupadi, Mahapunya, Mahanadi, Hiranyavahini, Nila, Skandamala, Suravati, Vamoda, Pataka, Vetali and Mahanadi Ganga and these rivers are glorified as the heroines (important rivers). Besides there are other rivers small and innumerable—hundreds and thousands.
32Thus the holy rivers in the eastern continent have been enumerated to you. A person becomes sanctified by merely enumerating them.
33The kingdom is flourishing and prosperous. It consists of many provinces where trees and forests grow in abundance. These are encircled by many hills.
34It is teeming with groups of men and women. The kingdom is auspicious and joyous. People are governed by many kings. They are rich in money and food grains. There are many mines of jewels, glorified in many ways.
35In that country, men are said to be lustrous in complexion like gold and conch-shell. They are big-bodied, extremely vigorous like bulls.
36They can meet, talk and associate with Devas and occupy the same seats with them.
37Their span of life is ten thousand years. There is no difference of Dharma and Adharma among them (all people are equal). They are naturally truthful and non-violent.
38Everyday they perform sacrifices, worships and obeisance with devotion to Lord Sankara and Gauri, the great Vaisnavi (Sakti).