(Geographical) Arrangement of the World ||36||

1Suta said: shall explain in due order the adjuncts of the four leading mountains. They are very charming at all times and seasons.
2The place abounds in Sarikas (the bird Turdus Salica), peacocks, inebriated Cakoras, parrots, kingly bees and leopards all round.
3-4The spots are everywhere charming with the melodious sounds of the Jivamjivaka (Cakora) birds, the sounds of Hemakas (?), the cooing notes of inebriated cuckoos and the bleating sounds of goats. There are the charming sounds of the golden swans, sparrows and other pleasing chirping sounds.
5The forest regions appear to be singing with the sweet humming sounds of the excessively lazy and intoxicated bees. They are resorted to by Kinnaras in some places.
6The trees, shaken by the gentle winds, rain flowers there. They shine with their charming tender sprouts.
7They are equipped with bunches and clusters of flowers and copper-coloured tender sprouts swinging gently due to the mild wind.
8O excellent Brahmanas, hundreds of shining pebbles and diverse minerals get mixed with the barks of trees and rinds of fruits scattered splendidly.
9-10There are four divine playgrounds. They are splendid and charming. They are resorted to by Devas, Danavas, Gandharvas, Yaksas, Rakshasas, Nagas, Siddhas and Apsaras-s. Listen to their names.
11On the eastern side is the forest named Gaitraratha, on the southern (mountain), the forest Nandana, on the western (mountain), the forest Vaibhraja and on the northern mountain, the forest of Savitr (the Sun-god).
12In these great forests (paRiks) charming adjuncts are fitted in due order. Here birds chirp melodiously.
13Extensive holy centres and great sanctifying gardens are the residences of great Nagas and those are resorted to by noble souls.
14Sweet and pure waters are auspicious and very pleasing. They are drunk by Siddhas, Devas and Asuras.
15There are four great lakes shining with lotuses and lilies, with huge leaves, charming, fragrant and full-blown. These are umbrella-like in appearance and size. I shall mention their names.
16On the east is the lake Arunoda; in the south is the Manasa lake; on the west is the Sitoda and on the north, Mahabhadra.
17The mountains to the east of Arunoda are being narrated by me in detail. Please hear.
18-20On the east of Mandara are the mountains Sitanta, Kumunja, the excellent mountain Suvira, Vikanka, Manisila, Vrsabha the best of mountains, Mahanila, Rucaka, Sabindu Mandara, Venuman, Sumedha, Nisadha, Deva-Saila and others. They are the abodes of Siddhas.
21Understand that these great mountains lie on the south side of the Manasa lake. Listen to their names as narrated by me.
22-25The excellent mountains Trisikhara, Sisira, Kalinga, Patanga, Rucaka, Sanuman, Tamrabha, Visakha, Svetodara, Samula, Visadhara, mount Ratnadhara, Ekasrnga, Mahamula, Gajasaila, Pisacaka, Pancasaila, Kailasa and the excellent mountain Himavat lie on the southern side of Meru of divine splendour. These are excellent mountains of godly nature.
26O excellent Brahmanas, I shall mention in due order, those excellent great mountains which lie on the western side of lake Sitoda.
27-29Suvaksas, Sikhisaila, Kala, Vaidurya, Kapila, Pingala, Rudra, Surasa, Mahacala, Kumuda, Madhuman, Anjanimukuta, Kirsna, Pandara, Sahasrasikhara, Pariyatra and Trisrriga. These are the leading mountains in the western region.
30I shall name in due order, as before, the mountains on the north of the glorious lake Mahabhadra.
31-32Sankukuta, Mahasaila, Vrsabha, Hamsa, Naga, Kapila, Indrasaila, Sanuman, Nila, Kanakasfhga, Satasrnga, Puspaka, Meghasaila, the excellent mountain Viraja and the leading mount Jarudhi. These are the mountains on the north.
33Understand the valleys and canyons and lakes in the inter-spaces of these chief mountains.