Boundary and the Limits of Mount Devakuta ||40||

1-2Suta said: Know that the place of birth of the intelligent Suparna (Garuda), son of Vinata, extends to a hundred Yojanas all round. It is embellished with a great mansion on the extensive peak of the excellent boundary-mountain Devakuta.
3(It is resorted to) by many multitudes of swift, valorous big birds. They are of perfect vigour, enemies and suppressors of serpents.
4There is the first mansion of the noble king of birds who has the velocity of the wind and residence in Salmali Dvipa.
5-7On the seven southern peaks of its charming hill, there are seven cities of Gandharvas where men and women live. They are forty Yojanas in length and thirty Yojanas in breadth. The golden ramparts and archways rise up. They are built by Devas and beautified with a series of great mansions. They resemble clouds at dusk. The peaks are of variegated shapes and colours. They are prosperous.
8There are very powerful and valorous Agneya Gandharvas. They are the brilliant followers of Kubera. These are their excellent mansions.
9-10On the northern peaks of the lofty mountain Bhuvana, there is a city teeming with serpents. It is full of mansions and palaces and is beautified with gardens and parks. It has great ramparts and archways. The interior of the parks is rendered pleasant by the sound of hundreds of musical instruments.
11Know that there is on the mount Devakuta the city of Saimhikeyas, the enemies of gods. It is unassailable by enemies. Its outer wall measures thirty Yojanas. It is frequented by Siddhas and divine sages.
12-15O Brahmana, there on the charming ridge of Devakuta is founded the invincible and inaccessible city of the demons known as Kalakeyas. It looks like a cluster of clouds. It is well- known as Sunasa. It is on the next boundary mountain. It has a series of great mansions of different colours. It is decorated in various ways with gold and precious stones. Its streets are broad. It is full of joy, auspiciousness and teeming with men and women. Its ramparts and archways are very high. The city is hundred Yojanas in length and sixty Yojanas in breadth.
16-17On the southern peak of the same mountain, there is the jolly big city of Autkaca Rakshasas. They are joyful, well- nourished, proud and can assume any form at will. The city is sixty-two Yojanas in length and twenty Yojanas in breadth. Its ramparts and archways are made of gold.
18-20On the central peak of the mountain Devakuta, there is the famous resplendent temple (abode) of the noble- souled, three-eyed god Mahadeva, known in all the worlds as Bhutavata. It is the resort of various groups of Bhutas (goblins). It is built of smooth and splendid pieces of gold and precious stones. There are trees of hundreds and thousands of branches with many off-shoots and overgrowths. The leaves are very smooth and splendid. There is a perpetual thick shade. The trees have their roots deep into the earth bearing vast trunks. The place is a circular zone extending to ten Yojanas.
21-24The city is full of Bhutas (people) fierce, valorous, and with terrible faces like those of boars, elephants, lions, bears, mules, vultures, owls, rams, goats and camels. They are hideous and stout with long hairs, both on the heads and bodies. They have various complexions and features. They congregate into groups and worship the lord of Bhutas (Siva) by playing drums, Jharjham, Bheri, Pataka, Din dim a, Gomukha and conches.
25-26With the jingling sounds of instruments and high-pitched vocal music, the leading Ganas are hectically engaged in worship. The Pramathas, the enemy of the Tripuras too, are engaged in sports. Here lord Siva, the benefactor of the worlds is worshipped by Siddhas, Devas, sages, Gandharvas, Yaksas and Nagas.