The planets in the ascendant and their aspects ||20||

1Jupiter in the ascendant produces a prosperous man with a fat and broad body and an inscrutable and firm nature; a very pious person full of intelligence and good qualities; one whose people are excellent.
2Venus in the ascendant produces a heavy man whose arms, belly, and face are agitated; one who is fond of perfume and garlands and knows about music, sports, sexual intercourse, and singing; a graceful man devoted to love.
3Mercury in the ascendant produces a weak man with a black body who is a distinguished poet and has mastered many sciences; a servant with good handwriting; an intelligent man who is clever at speaking.
4The Sun in the ascendant produces a terrible man with little hair and hard limbs; a clever person who is lazy in his work and whose anger is intense; a person with a wealth of honor. The Sun (has the same effect) in the cardines of the ascendant.
5Saturn in the ascendant produces a fool whose conduct is unrighteous (adharma); a weak rogue with a black body; a great man with immense wealth who, at the end (of his life), is penniless; the greatest of his relatives.
6Mars in the ascendent produces a fierce man who is addicted to injury, lies, thievery, and obstruction; a tawny man with reddish skin and eyes; one who is unstable and weak because of defects in his limbs.
7The Moon in the ascendant produces a man who is dwarfish, crippled, and hunchbacked; one who is paralyzed and is dumb because of an obstruction in his speech. But (the Moon) in the ascendant in Aries, Taurus, or Cancer produces a man whose body, wealth, and virtues are famous.
8If (the planets) are in the houses or vargas of their enemies, are overcome, or have diminished brilliance, they are said to be weak; if they are malefic or are aspected by malefics, they destroy good influences, lives, and bodies.
9The Sun aspecting Jupiter in the ascendant produces famous friendship, riches, and wealth; Mars establishes’ his health and auspiciousness; Saturn produces evil;
10Venus produces wealth and long life, glory, and happiness; Mercury knowledge and distinction in actions; and the Moon, in the bright paksa, health, fame, and riches.
11The Sun aspecting Venus in the ascendant produces one who is known to steal other men’s wives and property; Mars a sad man who has his share of sinful women; Saturn one whose wife and relatives are cruel;
12Jupiter a happy man with a distinguished wife; Mercury one whose wife is an actress and who knows many things; and the Moon a handsome man whose lands are obtained by fighting and whose wife has her own virtues.
13The Moon aspecting Mercury in the ascendant produces a rich man; the Sun one bereft of splendor and without children; Jupiter a man whose wealth is famous; Venus a coward; Mars a low person; and Saturn a fool.
14The Sun aspecting the Moon in the ascendant produces a man without independence; Saturn a sick man; Mars one with a short life; Jupiter a noble and rich man; Mercury a clever man; and Venus one who is lucky.
15Jupiter aspecting the Sun in the ascendant produces one whose virtues are famous among his friends and elders; the Moon a tranquil man who is fond of his mother; Venus a person with a wealth of clothes and many wives;
16Mars a man who kills his father and whose body is wasted away in performing a vow; Mercury one. whose virtues are made known by his knowledge; and Saturn a man who is sad at the destruction of his father’s property, who is wounded by hunters, and who sails to foreign lands.
17The Sun aspecting Mars in the ascendant produces a man pierced by poisoned swords; Saturn one who is cooked by fire; the Moon a man who loses his mother at the beginning (of his life); Mercury a man who works with fire and has no hoard;
18Jupiter a healthy person who is hated by his elders and is wise in the rules relating to profits, money, and trade; and Venus a mutilated man who takes from his enemies, is overwhelmed by unrighteousness (adharma), and lives on the wealth of other men’s wives.
19The Sun aspecting Saturn in the ascendant produces a restrained person obedient to his father; the Moon one afflicted by diseases such as consumption; A murderous man suffering from a blood or wind disease;
20Jupiter the honoured leader of a meeting; Mercury one who is eminent in the arts, crafts, and writing; and Venus a man wise in business who gets his money honestly and desires to obtain a knowledge of women’s crafts.
21The influence pertaining to aspect is to be established as losing its own qualities under the influence of the qualities and natures of the signs. Now I shall describe (the influence) pertaining to a pair (of planets) being together in one sign and the conjunction of many (planets).