Conjunctions of three planets ||21||

1The Sun and the Moon in conjunction in one sign produce a poor man; a rogue and a liar who is clever in business; one who is subject to women and knows how to sell good liquor.
2Jupiter and the Moon produce a wise and rich man who establishes the good honour of his relatives; a courteous person who is pleased by gods, the twice-born, and teachers; a man of pure character and firm friendship.
3Venus and the Moon produce a man who possesses garlands, perfumes, wreaths, clothes, and prosperity; an expert in the rules of business who knows about buying and selling; a man fond of strife who eats and talks a lot; a well-dressed person.
4Mercury and the Moon produce a wealthy man who knows the rules of poetry and story-telling and is handsome and a good conversationalist; a gentle man of good dharma who is honoured by his wife; a man who is distinguished for his virtues and who smiles.
5Mars and the Moon produce a man who obtains fame on the battlefield; one whose actions are heroic and who is impatient of insult; a wrestler; an entrepreneur afflicted by a blood -disease; one who is an artisan with clay, leather, copper (loha), or iron (ayas).
6Saturn and the Moon produce a man devoted to despicable acts; a guardian of quadrupeds who has no self-control; the husband of an aged wife, a man who takes on the personality of others; a. person of bad character who is lord of a stable for horses.
7One finds that the man born under a conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun has a strong body and is one whose wealth is obtained by his resorting to his friends; a man with many auspicious features; a twice-born who obtains honour by teaching others; a person who delights in serving the king.
8The Sun and Venus produce a competent person who is clever in the science of swords and weapons; a wrestler who is knowledgeable in the great arenas; a man whose family is increased by his living with a wife at the end (of his life); one whose vision is weak.
9The Sun and Mercury produce a wise and noble man endowed with good. qualities of speech; one who is proud of his strength and looks; a servant desiring glory but having insecure wealth; one beloved among kings (ksitisvara) and good men.
10Mars and the Sun produce a vigorous, violent, and fierce man possessing strength and courage; a person without knowledge or righteousness (dharma) who is untruthful in speech, but generous.
11Saturn and the Sun produce a man purified by the virtues of his clan and adorned with righteousness (dharma) because of his acts; a wanderer who has lost his wife and sons; an expert in the use of minerals.
12Jupiter and Venus produce a man who knows many sciences, sacred traditions (sruti), and poetry; one possessing distinguished firmness, steadfast-ness, and courage; a prosperous man whose wife is noble and good.
13Jupiter and Mercury produce an intelligent pennon who constantly knows the truth about crafts, sacred traditions (sruti), and sciences and is clever at speaking; a handsome poet distinguished for the good qualities of his mind and possessing a wealth of fame.
14Jupiter and Mars produce a harsh man who is fond of weapons; an orator of noble firmness; a prosperous hero or the lord of a city (nagaresvara); a glorious person with a wealth of auspiciousness or a twice-born.
15Saturn and Jupiter produce men who are put in charge of towns (gramapuraskrta); those who are revered by guilds, assemblies, or conventions (srenisabhasanghanamaskrta); men who are resolute in many crafts and sacred traditions (sruti); and those of great wealth.
16Venus and Mercury produce an eloquent man who is fond of perfumes and garlands and delights in singing and laughing; an honorable leader of the tribe (ganasrestha) who has many duties; one who is outstanding in (his knowledge of) the rules relating to such things as counting and measuring.
17Mars and Venus produce a man who seduces other men’s wives; a fop who delights in dishonesty, lying, and gambling; a wrestler or a soldier; a leader of cowherds; one who lives by fighting.
18Saturn and Venus produce an expert in wood-splitting or an artisan of arrows, missiles, armor, and blades; the husband of a woman who has lost her virginity or of a widow; a man who is unlucky with women and has little money.
19Mars and Mercury produce a man who works in gold and copper (loha); an expert in purchasing herbs and objects in the markets; a wanderer who is fond of strife and has many debts; a clever and shrewd person.
20Saturn and Mercury produce atheists (nastika) and cheats; men who are struck by losses and whose friendships are unstable; those who know the meaning of minerals (alchemy) and of magic; workers in iron (ayas).
21Saturn and Mars in one sign produce those who slay with poisoned swords and who are fond of deceit, theft, and fighting; men who are banished from righteousness (dharma).
22These planets are influential when they are in each other’s vat-gas, and these vargas are benefit; as they are highest, in the middle, or, lowest of their kind, they cause modifications as described.
23Three (planets) in one sign produce each its own distinctive characteristics in accordance with the science (of astrology); this combination of three kinds of influence is to be known as one which is put together by their association with each other.
24Three benefit planets in one sign are said to cause the birth of men outstanding and rich in knowledge, glory, and wealth; so three malefic planets produce one who is afflicted by poverty and disease.