Pravrajyā Yoga ||22||

1When four (planets) are in one zodiac sign, one should know the birth of a nirākṛtapravrajita (one withdrawn into exile) with complete attainment of perfect virtue of those resorting to the āśramās from the abandoned homes of the āhiṇdikās (wanderers).
2Of as many as that should have accomplishment in strength there, indeed in so many there are initiations of this. Also, as from the foremost strength, there is the first initiation from the strength of the daśā and yoga and in time.
3Jupiter of foremost strength produces obtained dharma, a Tridaṇḍina (possessed of three staffs), and wisdom in knowledge. Venus of foremost strength produces fame attained by the tradition of painting, the holy, and preeminence of the Caraka.
4Then the Moon, the great virtue of a Śrāvaka. The Sun, foremost in the action of religious austerity. Mars, a Śākyaśramaṇa of bad character. Saturn, a naked upāsaka (worshipper).
5Mercury; talkative, hearing all sorts of matters, delighted in effort, a Jīvin with an ekaliṅga. The indication of the caste is contained in the caste of the planet and should be from the place and produced from the position of the family.
6When a weak planet has little strength and is also in a friendly zodiac sign, indeed one should be possessed of devotion to that. Defeated (in a planetary war) or in an enemy zodiac sign, that maker of heretical knowledge is seen.
7The lord of the janman with little strength, defeated by others, and aspected by a stronger Saturn and not being seen by a friend or benefics, it should be the maker of an initiated, without a doubt.
8The waning Moon in the aṃśa (portion) of Saturn aspected by Saturn and not aspected by the others, or Saturn with little strength in the lagna while the Moon is in an aṃśaka (portion) of the Sun; produces a pravrajita.
9Saturn and the Moon situated in an aṃśaka (portion) of Saturn, or when Saturn is with great strength dwelling with the Moon and the lord of the janman is of weak strength and not aspected by benefics in the yoga, indeed it causes one to wander.
10One of the Moon, the Sun, or the lagna as the best of the kind in an angle and having seized their own zodiac signs with the Moon, the lagna , and the Sun joined to the vargās of those, Saturn quickly causes one to wander.
11If the Moon, Mars, and the Sun are in the zodiac sign of Saturn and Saturn has great strength situated in the lagna, and Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are situated in āpoklimās, then there should be the generation of the pravrajita.
12If a weak form of the lord of the janman is in a zodiac sign of Saturn and aspected by Saturn situated in an angle and a waning Moon is situated in the lagna in an aṃśaka (portion) of Saturn, that should be a producer of the birth of an initiated.
13Saturn situated in an aṃśaka (portion) of the Sun aspecting the full Moon situated in an aṃśaka (portion) of Saturn with those preeminent related to those preeminent yogās should produce a great lord of men with an obtained initiation.