Configurations with respect to crafts ||23||

1Five (planets) in one sign cause the birth of men who delight in the theater and are intent on entertaining others with songs, dancing, drama, humour, and ballets.
2Mercury being the strongest in this (yoga) produces an actor who is pleased by dramas of happiness; Venus one who imitates women; the Sun a bold man who sings like a public crier;
3The Moon one who knows the sweet sounds of the humming of (lyre)-strings; Mars a fop with invigorating (?) humor; Saturn a rope-dancer who knows how to create illusions; (and Jupiter…).
6(…) in a varga of Venus (…) in these musical instruments (…);
7in a varga of the Sun, a courteous man who takes pleasure in continuous actions or does manufacturing work; in a varga of Mercury, one who is famous with respect to works involving the things pertaining to the Drekkanas (of the various planets).
8In a yoga of Jupiter, in the rules regarding clothes-(making); in a yoga of the Sun, in crafts involving such things as sticks; in a yoga of Venus, in such things as painting and the theater; they say the Moon in such things as involve all kinds of jewels;
9(in a yoga) of Mars, in work involving such things as copper (loha); they say Saturn in such work as that involving horn and bone; and in a yoga of Mercury, in such things as bamboo-canes and minerals. Such are the influences of these (planets) on crafts with regard to the Drekanas.