Conjunctions of six planets ||24||

4Seven (planets) in one sign cause the birth of evil men who are afflicted by disease and miseries; those who have little wealth and are short-lived; men who are lazy and pained, who live on alms, and who are subordinate to others.
5The Sun, being strongest in this (yoga), produces a man of unrighteous (adharma) behavior who hunts deer; Mars a shepherd or a man who keeps cattle; Saturn a drunkard who slays his master;
6Mercury a pauper who delights in foreign countries; Venus a useless man who follows the ways of a servant; the Moon a sick man of little strength; and Jupiter a timid fool or one who is given up (?).
7Keeping in mind the application of the tradition regarding the things pertaining to the planets and what possesses their colors and qualities, one desires (to know) the ever-unfortunate indication of these (planets) which exert influences which are well known.