The occupation of the cardines (reckoned) from the ascendant and from the Moon ||25||

1The Sun in the fourth place from the Moon or the ascendant causes the destruction of (the native’s) father’s property and house; the Moon in the fourth causes happiness and sorrow, prosperity and loss in his mother’s family and house;
2Jupiter (produces) continuance of his father’s and brothers’ houses and for his father’s friends, relatives, and tribe; Venus gives a house for his wife, refuge, pleasure, enjoyment, garlands, garments, and beauty;
3Mercury produces one who has happiness which is established and increased by an effort and a dwelling which is created and obtained by himself, a man without equal in working; Mars (causes the birth) of men who are very sad, wandering about and living in other peoples’ houses; and Saturn of those whose houses are slaves’ quarters.
4A malefic (planet) in the fourth place in its own navamsa aspected by the Sun, but not by any of the benefit planets, produces misery caused by a lack of position and sorrow arising generally from one’s relatives and acquisitions.
5The Sun in the seventh place produces a man afflicted by misfortune and imprisonment; one who is ordered about by women and who likes to travel; the Moon a man whose body is distressed by poverty and disease or whose wife is feeble because of wounds and illnesses;
6Jupiter a man who has a distinguished wife and travels little; one with a healthy body who is intoxicated by cleanliness; Venus a lord of women who has good wives, but few children, and who is delighted by singing and sexual intercourse;
7Mercury a wanderer bold in sexual intercourse whose wife has a beloved body and who desires to tell stories and to brag; Mars a man whose family is defiled by bad behavior; a sick fellow, thin and tormented by grief;
8And Saturn one who is afflicted by toil, disease, fear, and loss; the husband of the widows of other men who were superior to him in virility. If (the sign) in the seventh place is occupied by a malefic planet and is not aspected by its lord, (the native) does not obtain a wife.
9If Jupiter is in anyone’s tenth place, he is active in actions in accord with his own dharma, which have well known results and do not involve heavy labour; and the honor and happiness of his position increase.
10Venus causes an increase in such things as cattle, fields, and plough (-lands) and (is beneficial) with respect to actions pertaining to women, wares, and houses; it gives immense treasure and security, honor in one’s family, and the murder of one’s enemies among women.
11If Mercury (is in the tenth place), (the native) attains perfection in actions relating to crafts, sacred traditions (sruti), writing, reading, the meaning of spells, and service; he has many extravagances and an enormous hoard; and he obtains honor from those who know sacred traditions (sruti) and crafts.
12If the Moon is in mid-heaven, (he attains) perfection in activities relating to wandering, sexual intercourse, singing, women, woods, gardens, and water; he is wise and has a full and undiminished treasury; and he obtains praise from the twice-born, women, and kings.
13If the Sun, he is successful in actions involving fire, herbs, oil, sticks, serving the king, and guarding cattle; his grief has disappeared and his work is outstanding; he obtains praise.
14If Mars, he attains perfection in treachery towards his king, in poison, fire, swords, quarrels, obstructing, fighting, and robbing; again and again he gathers together a treasure, and then loses it; and he is aggrieved by his adversaries and enemies.
15If Saturn, being addicted to wandering, he goes about fatigued by his burden; he attains perfection in actions pertaining to servants and low people; his treasure is lost at first, but increases in his old age; then he becomes prosperous and famous.
16Even if a planet is in the tenth place, the actions of men are in vain if they do not make an effort. The description of (different) actions which arises from the natures (of the planets) holds good both in the sign in the tenth place and in that sign’s navamsas.
17The malefic planets in their own houses or navamsas and aspected by or in conjunction with malefic planets become the friends of these because of a temporary reversal of the good and bad influences indicated (previously).
18At whoever’s birth the tenth place is occupied or aspected by malefic planets and not aspected by its own lord, they have little merit and always live by serving (others).
19If the Sun, Mars, or Saturn is in the tenth place and has qualities which are highest, middling, or lowest, then there appears action which is respectively highest, middling, or lowest; if the benefit planets (are thus), the opposite is true.
20If the planets in the tenth place are in the signs of their dejections or in the navamsas of those signs, or in the houses or navamsas of their enemies, they produce a slave. The planet in the tenth place or its navamsa is the giver of the acquisition of wealth; or else the lord of the drekana determines men’s (professions).
21The Sun (causes the native to earn money) by selling (goods) in foreign lands; the Moon gives an innate profession; Jupiter (produces) a fearless guardian or a petitioner; Mercury (one who earns a living) by speeches which do not offend against good conduct;
22Venus one who disobeys orders or who solicits for women; Mars one who is dragged down by a force of soldiers; and Saturn one who is struck by unending sorrows. Inclinations (towards these professions occur) in the periods belonging to the planets in that (tenth place).
23The benefit planets in their own navamsas or houses cause the accomplishment of the work to be achieved by one’s self; in their exaltations they cause an absence of obstacles. The malefic planets endow (men) with a loss of increase and profit in such situations.