The influence of the places beginning with the second ||26||

1The Sun in the second place from the ascendant produces a debased man who has little money or authority; the Moon, if it is full and aspected by a benefit planet, wealth which is commensurate with (the native’s) position and virtues;
2Jupiter a man with wealth, merit, and a prospering people; Venus a rich person who is lucky with many women; Mercury one possessing firm property and people; Mars a pauper or one who takes refuge with evil people;
3And Saturn a man without wealth or situation, whose people do not support him in his activities. If (the second place) is not aspected by its lord or by a benefit planet and is occupied by a malefic planet, (the native) is always penniless.
4The Sun in the third place produces a man whose allies are conquered and destroyed, but who is pleasing to the world; the Moon one bereft of gladness and constantly sorrowful, but respected by his beloved brothers and people;
5Jupiter a glorious man who overcomes scandal, is like a man of distinction, and is respected by his elders; Venus a leader of gurus who is despised by his brothers; Mercury one who is fond of other men’s brothers and people;
6Mars a dirty, drunken murderer, a victorious supporter who has no sons; and Saturn a glorious and happy man endowed with his own virtues, one who holds his hands upraised and has obtained allies.
7The Sun in the fifth place produces an unsteady man who commits crimes for his children and relatives; the Moon a man who is not prominent and whose friends and sons have died, one who has misery and injury from both his friends and his enemies;
8Venus one who commits crimes for women and drinking, a father of daughters whose anger is clearly not pacified; Jupiter a firm man whose children are good and who is not to be assailed; Mercury a man without children himself, but who instructs children;
9Mars a man endowed with courage and strength and rich in sons; one who becomes miserable from many causes; and Saturn a timid man whose son is (really) another’s and whose body is frequently punished because of his own bad qualities.
10If (the fifth place) is occupied by any one of the planets Saturn, the Sun, and Mercury, or is aspected by them, or is the sign of exaltation of one of them, while Mars is weak in the house of one of them, then it is well known that the natives are childless.
11If Man is weak (in the fifth place) and is overcome in a navamsa belonging to its sign of dejection or to its enemy’s house, or in a house of Venus or the Moon, or in a navamsa of Aries, the natives’ children die.
12The Sun in the sixth place produces men who are afflicted by poisoned swords, burning, coughing spells,
diseases, enemies, and miseries; men whose teeth are smashed by throwing of sticks and stones; ones who are wounded by forest animals and those with tusks and horns.
13The Moon produces men whose bodies are tormented by sick stomachs and by conditions resulting from illnesses or from water; if it is in conjunction with the Sun in this place, it causes unexpected death.
14The Moon in this place in a navamsa of Pisces, Aries, or Capricorn and aspected by a malefic planet produces a man whose body is destroyed by such things as kilasa-leprosy and kustha leprosy; if it is aspected by a benefit planet, one who has an itching disease;
15If it is in a navamsa of Cancer, Scorpio, or Aquarius and is aspected by Mars, it produces a man whose body is afflicted by a disease of the genitals; if it is aspected by Saturn, one who has a wind and blood disease; if it is in a navamsa of Leo, a man with an illness of the heart.
16The Moon in conjunction with Mars in the sixth place produces one who is tormented by blows of swords, diseases of the eye, illnesses, and burning; in conjunction with Saturn it kills (the native) with such things as wind-diseases, stones, and quadrupeds.
17Mars (in the sixth place) produces a man whose body is wounded by fire, blood, and swords, a badly diseased person who is tormented by fear of his enemies; Saturn one who is struck by arrows, stones, swords, falls, wind-diseases, and blows with both fists;
18Mercury a man whose steps are made to stagger by his wounds, whose body is struck by clods, and whose foes are victorious; Jupiter and Venus a patient man who is free of hatred and fear of his enemies and whose body is relaxed.
19If the benefit planets are in trine and in the cardines, they stop the evil which has been described; if the evil planets are in a navamsa of Taurus, they cause that good (?) to be death and poverty.
20The Moon in the eighth place produces one whose body is bound, struck, and injured by hunters; the Sun one worse than that; Mars a man whose body is wounded by poison, fire, and swords;
21Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury in the eighth place cause the birth of men without pain or disease, long-lived persons who give love, favor, firmness, and pleasure.
22But if the malefic planets are in the navamsa or house of a malefic planet and are aspected by the evil planets or by benefit planets which are not in the cardines or in trine, it injures life and health.
23The Sun in the ninth place produces a man who hates his father and is not generous; the Moon a calm and kind ascetic; Saturn and Mars a man who has learned several sciences, but who engages in evil and is divorced from the good;
24Jupiter a person delighting in such acts as that of sacrifice; Mercury an ascetic rejoicing in knowledge; and Venus one who gives away lands, food, gold, cattle, and horses.
25The Sun in the eleventh place produces one whose treasure is wasted by the king; Saturn a penniless person who lives by collecting a toll; Mars a man who is wounded by fire and thieves; the Moon one whose property is like (that indicated by) the lord of the sign or navamsa (in which the Moon is);
26Jupiter. the twice-born; Venus a man wealthy in love, food, cattle, and clothes; and Mercury one whose wealth consists of spells, sacred traditions (sruti), crafts, service, cleverness, and skill.
27The Sun in the twelfth place produces a man who serves others and acts as though vanquished, one who has lost his right eye and does not preserve his own personality; the Moon a lazy man whose left eye is injured and who eats too much;
28Man a man of unrighteous (adharma) behavior who suffers many losses and difficulties; Saturn one who is lost and makes no effort; Jupiter one who loses his righteousness (dharma) and makes few movements; Venus an active person who loses his virility;
29And Mercury a man of swift actions who always suffers at the losses of his friends. Whatever good is attributable to each planet in the good places it always gives the loss of that (in the twelfth).