The division of the head and so forth among the Drekkanas ||27||

1This twelve-fold number in conjunction with the signs is to be spoken of with respect to the places beginning with the ascendant; but, with respect to the limbs of the native’s body, the first Hors in the ascendant is to be mentioned as beginning with the head.
2One should know that the right and left (sides of the body) correspond to the triads (of Decanates) in the two halves of the zodiac. The tongue is from the Sun and the Moon being in their houses in the zodiac; from Mercury the nostrils;
3the cheeks are from Venus; the eyes from Mars; the ears from Jupiter; and the top of the head from Saturn.
4These are reversed when the planets are in the sixth or eighth place and are injured by malefic planets or if the lord of the place is injured. When they art: malefic planets, they cause injury to the body in that limb which (normally) they cause to be flawless.
5The parts of the body to the left and to the right (are affected) by the varga beginning with the ascendant, which have risen or which have not risen, proceeding backwards and forwards (respectively) with respect to the constant motion of the zodiac.
6The (three series of) Horas begin (respectively) with the head, the neck, and the hips, and end with the mouth, the navel, and the feet. There are five pairs pertaining to (each series) of Drekkanas; they are arranged, each (group of five pairs) in one (series of Drekkanas).
7The first division of limbs is: two ears, two eyes, two nostrils, two cheeks, and two jaws; the second: two shoulders, two arms, the heart and belly, two sides, and two armpits;
8(and the third) : the anus and penis, two testicles, two thighs, two knees, and two legs. Whatever is established as pertaining to the body. is to be described by means of the influences of the Drekkanas which have their own qualities.
9With respect to the limbs of the body, malefic planets cause changes produced by diseases, wounds, and blows, but benefic planets cause beauty, purity, health, and the appearance of their own characteristics.