The sub-influences of all the planets in the Dvadasamsa of the signs ||34||

1The Sun, which is renowned for its brilliance, if it is in a dvadasamsa (bhaga) of Aries, produces the power of the (native’s) father; the Moon in that place establishes a disease of his mother by means of changes caused by blood and bile;
2Jupiter makes a man having a treasure of gold and goats whose wealth is destroyed by thieves, fire, and foes; Venus one whose wife is polluted, hostile, or dead; Mars a clever man with famous wealth;
3Mercury one who speaks much, but in a stumbling way, a fickle person whose friends are illbehaved and terrible; and Saturn a vile man whose treasure is gained by the acquisitions of his servants, but a strong and handsome man.
4The Sun in a dvadasamsa of Taurus destroys the beauty of his father; the Moon gives prosperity, happiness, and food of his mother; Jupiter bestows firm and extensive wealth; Venus (produces) a man who has intercourse with lovely women and wives;
5Mars a pauper; Mercury one who is friendly with women and has a firm, loud voice; and Saturn a man who is doorkeeper in a harem and whose body is slowly overcome by old age.
6The Sun in a dvadasamsa of the third sign (Gemini) makes his father one who practices such things as sacrifices and is wealthy in family; the Moon, which creates beauty, the respect of good men, and power, causes the happiness of his mother;
7Jupiter one whose money is gathered from the fine arts, oratory, and the sacred traditions (sruti); Mars a person who is the same to men and women and who has ignoble sons; Venus a man with handsome form who is learned in the fine arts, a clever person who takes pleasure in women;
8Mercury one who is learned in oratory, sacred traditions (sruti), and crafts, whose friends are famous, and who speaks sweetly; and Saturn a fickle person who practices mischief and bad craftsmanship, and whose old age is attained with the strength of youth.
9If the Sun is in a dvadasamsa of Cancer, then (the native) obtains (a father) who is afflicted by disease, sickness, and troubles; (if) the Moon (is there), he obtains pleasures of his mother caused by health, beauty, and good appearance;
10Jupiter produces the highest, exalted wealth; Mars one whose sons are lowly; Venus a man abounding in treasures and titles who has a good wife and possesses a family and beauty;
11because of Mercury (the native) obtains powerful friends and the highest joy; and because of Saturn he will grow old quickly, and is carried off by his servants, his bad wives, and so on.
12The Sun in a dvadasamsa (of Leo) causes victory and nobility of his father; the Moon fear and disease of his mother; Jupiter the acquisition of wealth consisting mainly of cows which are obtained by labor and by serving his friends and the king;
13Mars makes one whose sons are not born or, if born, die; Venus a man who does not obtain a wife; Mercury a man whose voice is broken and who has bad friends; and Saturn one overcome by old age who is not submissive to his lord.
14The Sun in a dvadasamsa of the sixth sign (Virgo) gives poverty of his father; the Moon (gives poverty) of his mother (and makes him) gentle and timid; Jupiter gives wealth pertaining to maidens; Mars causes the birth of eunuchs;
15Venus produces one whose wife has a soft and oppressed body; Mercury a man prominent for his oratory and hating good friends; and Saturn a man who grows old slowly, obeying others and serving women and evil people.
16The Sun in a dvadasamsa of Libra produces a father whose wealth is excessive, but who is deprived of health; the Moon destroys the beauty and strength of his mother; Jupiter gives wealth from travels, merchandise, and trade;
17Mars produces a rogue with many sons; Venus a man with a noble (arya) wife who knows business, sexual intercourse, and science; Mercury a teacher who gives many speeches; and Saturn a youthful person with many servants.
18The Sun and the Moon in a dvadasamsa of Scorpio cause the death of his father and mother; Jupiter destroys his wealth; Mars causes the birth of evil, sick, and timid men;
19Venus produces one whose wife is maimed or has died a violent death; Mercury a man imperfect in speech and having bad friends; and Saturn one who is himself a slave and is born of a man like a slave or one who does the commands of and associates with sinful people.
20The Sun in a dvadasamsa of Sagittarius gives beauty, dignity, and honour of his father; the Moon gives the same for his mother; Jupiter gives abundant vehicles, horses, and gold;
21Mars causes the birth of one who is looked upon in a hostile manner by his elders; Venus gives a wife who is praised for her good qualities; Mercury gives perfection in speech and friendship and .;
22and Saturn causes the birth of youthful men who have the good fortune of Cupid. The Sun in (a dvadasamsa of) Capricorn causes the loss of his father; the Moon a wind-disease of his mother;
23Jupiter destroys the acquisition of good, peacefulness, and memory; Mars causes the birth of famous sons; Venus produces a man whose wife has trembling limbs and twitching eye-brows; Mercury a man defective in speech whose friendship is bad;
24And Saturn a man who ages quickly and is surrounded by tanks, cows, and servants. The Sun and the Moon in a dvadasamsa of Aquarius cause disease, sickness, and defects of his parents;
25Jupiter gives memory and wealth; Mars gives servants, slaves, and sons; Venus produces a man who is the husband of a slave-girl or of an old woman; Mercury one who is robbed of speech and has bad friends;
26And Saturn a man with good friends who looks like an old man or who is honoured by slaves. The Sun and the Moon in (a dvadasamsa of) Pisces cause joy, honor, and wealth of his parents;
27Jupiter makes many heaps of jewels; Mars gives sons who are hostile to his allies; Venus produces one whose wife is opposed by a great arhat; Mercury a man corrupted in speech who has evil friends;
28And Saturn in a dvadasamsa of Pisces produces a youthful person who serves men of good qualities. Thus, considering the qualities of the positions of the planets as well as their aspects and strengths,
29One should make manifest the nature and condition which are caused by the dvadasamsa and which are connected with the qualities of the benefit and malefic (planets). Whatever substances, signs, natures, and characters are described as being determined for a (particular) period or time,
30These are modified by the various sub-influences of the lords of the signs which are similar to those of the dvadasamsas. If to any lord of a sign anywhere there belongs any characteristic, be it low, high, or medium,
31It is modified by mutually caused changes whose nature derives from its position and from the qualities of the sign and the dvadasamsa (in which it is); a hundred such factors as friendly planets are to be taken into consideration with colon, changes, and forms similar to those of the dvadasamsas of their houses.