Time of Fruition ||35||

1But then having caused to conjecture the aṃśas (portions) of the thirty lavas (degrees) of the divisions of the forms with little strengths and splendors; indeed, which are those mentioned authorities of the forms, positions, essences, motions, and qualities of a planet, (…)
2(…) indeed, those sandhis (junctions), etc. arising from the nature of those are caused to be spoken among those situated with the lord of one’s own bhāga (portion). The years by the order of the zodiac signs and the months with the order of the bhāgas (portions) of those.
3Possessed of the bhāga (portion) of the planet should be the days in fruition with the position of those planets and the results declared in that order. With those bhāgas (portions) of the zodiac sign aspected by the Sun, etc. are those similar fruition of results in fruition.
4From the thirty lavas (degrees) of the position of the Sun is the fate situated with the behavior giving the results of those suitable of the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. In that order should be the quality.
5The time of the subperiod of fruition when obtained from the previous rule with that order beginning with one and ending in seven, the manifold forms with the characteristics of the zodiac signs, etc. and those divided successive positions and qualities of the kṣaṇa, etc.