The influence on thoughts of the navamsas and dvadasamsas ||59||

1If a navamsa of Aries is in the ascendant, he is thinking of lands or gold because of the strength of Mars; if a navamsa of Taurus, of quadrupeds or women; if a navamsa of Gemini, of intercourse with a woman;
2If a (navamsa of the) fourth (sign) (Cancer), of the acquisition of beds and women; if a navamsa of Leo, of such things as his house and hoard; if a navamsa of Virgo, of sexual intercourse or clothes; if a navamsa of Libra, of such things as women, garments, and garlands;
3If a navamsa of Scorpio, of cows or food; if a navamsa of Sagittarius, of such things as perfumes, missiles, or studies; if a navamsa of Capricorn, of honor, women, or metals (loha); if a navamsa of Aquarius, of vehicles for men;
4And if a navamsa of Pisces, the Greeks predict that he is thinking of immovable (property), friends, his wife, or foreign travel. A Decanate causes the same sort of thoughts as does a navamsa.
5If a dvadasamsa of the first sign (Aries) (is in the ascendant), he is thinking of such things as goats and sheep; if one of Taurus, of such things as cows and buffaloes; if (one of) the third (sign) (Gemini), of sexual intercourse of a man and woman or of joy; if a dvadasamsa of the fourth (sign) (Cancer), of lotuses;
6If (one of) Leo, of quadrupeds such as lions; if (one of) the sixth (sign) (Virgo), of such things as sexual intercourse with maidens and sports; if (one of) Libra, of merchandise, coins, or elephants; if (one of) Scorpio, of serpents, snakes, or crawling creatures;
7If (one of) Sagittarius, of quadrupeds such as horses; if a dvadasamsa of Capricorn, of grains, wealth, or lotuses; if a dvadasamsa of Aquarius, of such things as low people, horses, or slaves; and if dvadasamsa of Pisces, of creatures born in the ocean.
8The dvadasamsa of any sign or the strong navamsa which is used (in these predictions) is mixed with another sign (in which it is); from this (sign) or from (the sign) in which the lord of the ascendant is, depending on their (relative) strengths, one should obtain the thought (of the querist).
9If a vargottamamsa is in the ascendant or in a dvadasamsa of the sign (in the ascendant), and if it is aspected by strong planets, it provides the whole influence on the (querist’s) thought depending on the strength of its lord.
10Those planets which are strong in (their own) houses and are aspected by their friends which are in their own houses or in their own exaltations or most benefit, produce the complete success of their influence on thoughts.
11The planets constantly travel in their courses among the signs which have various natures; they cause changes in (the querist’s) thoughts by the variations in their qualities and characteristics.