(The eighth place) which is called the place of death ||42||

1Whatever planet is lord of the eighth place possesses the end of the years (allotted to the native), or else the lord of the Drekkana (in the eighth place) does; that planet, if it was strong at the nativity, causes the death of the native by means of injuries like itself.
2Because of the Sun, he dies in a fire; because of the Moon, by means of immersion in water; because of Mars, by means of swords, fire, or a flood; because of Jupiter, by means of diseases arising from pains in the belly; because of Mercury, by means of fevers caused by practicing crafts and studying;
3Because of Venus, by means of faults involving women and drink, or phlegmatic diseases, or diseases occurring in the genitals and belly; and because of Saturn, by means of a black bull, or a quadruped, or (diseases) caused by hunger or wind.
4A malefic planet in the sign which was in the eighth place at the nativity causes death by killing; a benefit planet in that sign, if it was overcome in the nativity, destroys by a disease which arises in the body.
5The various causes of diseases (nidanas) are determined by means of the sign and the planet (in the eighth place) and arise from their qualities; the last period of time in the dasa is two months long, and is determined by the dvadasamsa and navamsa in the seventh place (the descendent).
6The Sun in the eighth place kills by means of nails, teeth, horns, carnivorous animals, fire, iron spears, pains, poison, stones, or swords, or by means of (injuries) pertaining to the sign or those caused by warriors, foresters, Mlecchas, or kings;
7The Moon by such things as phlegm, blwd, belly-aches, water, urinary diseases, cold, fevers, and rain-storms; Jupiter by means of injuries caused by head-colds, diseases in the throat and cheeks, hallucinations, phlegm, and dysentery;
8Venus by means of such things as excessive drinking, eating, and sexual intercourse, water, phlegm, fever, old age, and diseases of the anus; Mars by means of thieves, battles, swords, fire, bile, fever, blood, poison, and faults of anger;
9Mercury by means of such things as time, fatigue, falling down, fever, decay, asthma, (diseases of) the throat, and weariness; and Saturn by such things as stones, swords, wounds, clods, ropes, hunger, bites, wind, and lack of blood in the limbs.
10These (planets), when they enter the ascendant or the eighth place, cause death; but the malefic planets, if they are of the highest strength, kill when they are in the cardines, even though the benefit planets also are strong.
11If the eighth place is a forest sign and is aspccted by the Sun, death occurs in the wilderness and is caused by forest animals; if it is aspected by Mars, …; and if the eighth place is aspected by Saturn, (…)
12If his eighth place is a water sign, the native loses his life in the water; if it is aspected by the Sun, (he is killed) by hot water; if it is aspected by Mars, by pouring forth his blood and vomiting;
13And if it is aspected by Saturn, by a dropsical belly (dakodara), as well as by its own pains and diseases caused by the sign. If the Moon is in a town sign and is not aspected by the other (planets), it kills by means of a phlegmatic (disease);
14If it is aspected by the Sun, (it kills) by burning and fever and by great (…) ; if (it is aspected by) Mars, it kills by means of diseases of the throat caused by dryness and acquired injuries effected by itself;
15The Moon in the eighth place (in a town sign), if (it is aspected by) Saturn, causes death by the madness of the people. The Moon in the eighth place in a water sign causes death in the water.
16If the eighth place is the house of a malefic planet and the Sun either aspects it or is in it, then (the native) always dies because of such things as diseases of the genitals, or phlegmatic (diseases), or.
17If the eighth place is in a reptile sign and is aspected by the Sun, it slays the body destroyed by a serpent; if it is aspected by Mars, (the native) is afflicted by poison and fire; if it is aspected by Saturn, he is afflicted by ghosts and snakes.
18If a strong planet is in the ascendant in a navamsa of a town sign, forest sign, water sign, or hole (i.e., reptile) sign, then on the last day (of the native’s life) it applies just these regions (which belong to each category of sign); (a similar interpretation is to be given) in the case of a navamsa belonging to a human sign, a quadruped sign, or a half-human and half-quadruped sign.
19Whatever sign is occupied by the antara at the time of death, the limb in the body which belongs to that sign is surely injured; if the malefic planets are bright (ujjvalinah) or in the eighth place, they are said to supervise the breaking of the limbs in these cases.
20When it is observed that the yogas described above are uncertain, even a planet in the sixth place, if it is not aspected by benefit planets, strikes the whole body through pains because of diseases caused by its position and by itself.
21If the malefic planets bring death at night, they kill with something having qualities like their own; if in daylight they possess the rule of death, they say (that the deaths) are to be determined as depending on the natures of the (planet’s) places.
22If any planets are said to be in the houses such as their friends’ (and not in their enemies’ houses or their signs of dejection), then this rule applies to them. When Yamanta has given death (to the body), the continuing journey (of the soul) has various results depending on the signs occupied by the planets.