Thoughts of lost objects ||64||

1If Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius are in the descendent aspected by their lords, or if their navamsas are in this situation, or if the lords (of these signs) are in their own houses or navamsas and Mars is strong, say that (the object) is lost.
2If a planet is in its own house in the second or eighth place, or if a malefic planet aspected by an enemy is in the second place, or if the lord of the second place is in the descendent in its enemy’s house or its dejection and if its enemy is uninjured, then (the object) is lost.
3If the lord of the descendent is in a dvadasamsa belonging to its sign of exaltation, and if that sign (of its exaltation) is in the ascendant or the ascendant is aspected by the lord of that sign, or if a malefic planet is in the ascendant in that (planet’s) house and is aspected by malefic planets, then they say that (the object) is lost.
4In this matter the position of the planet with regard to sign, navamsa, and dvadasamsa is to be considered. One should know the rule which has been described in its proper order from the ascendant, the descendent, and the characteristics of the yoga.
5(The object) is lost from a high place if the planets are in their exaltations or if the strong planets are in mid-heaven; (it is lost) from a sloping place if the planets are under (the earth); and from a low place if they are in their dejections.
6If one is searching (for the lost object over) the surface of the earth, one is instructed concerning the region of the world (in which to look) from either the ascendant or the descendent sign whichever is aspected by its lord-and from its nature as a town sign, a dry land sign, a forest sign, or a water sign.
7Whatever planet is in the descendent or ascendant causes the form and colour of the thief; one should indicate his weapon, color, and form, which are connected with the Decanates, from these two planets too.
8The robber is among his own people (in the land) of his master (svamin) if the friendly planets and so on are away from the Sun; (otherwise) know that he is a stranger among a people ruled by another lord (isvara). The form of this (other lord) is established according to the Decanate.
9If an odd sign is aspected by a masculine planet, he is a man; if an even sign by a feminine planet, a woman. From the planet which is in that (sign) or which is aspected by the lord of the Ascendant- Decanate (the thief’s) sex is modified.
10(If the Moon or the ascendant) are in moving signs, he has gone on a distant journey; hut if they are in fixed signs, he has not gone very far. If one is looking (for where he has gone), one should declare the direction and his course on the basis of the planet or sign which is between the Sun and the descendent.
11The size of the theft is to be determined by means of the measurements of the aspects of the planets or from the interval between the Moon and the descendent. The door in the house where the money was deposited is (known) from the lord of the ascendant or from the sign occupied by the Moon.
12If there is (a planet) in conjunction with the lord of the ascendant or the Moon at that time, then its dejection or exaltation (is the significant) sign; whether it is a town sign, a dry land sign, a forest sign, or a water sign, (the money is hidden) in a land, region, or house indicated by it.
13As the planet in the ascendant is in the first, middle, or last third of the sign (i.e., in the first, second, or third Decanate), so (the money)-which is in the land (indicated by) either its exaltation or dejection-is in the first, middle, or last part of the house and so forth.
14If the lord of the ascendant is in the house of a benefit planet and is aspected by a benefit, or if it is itself a strong benefit, or if it is in its exaltation and is aspected by or in conjunction with the lord of its exaltation, then what was lost is recovered;
15if it is in conjunction with or aspected by a malefic planet, they say that the recovery takes place only after a long time, The opposite occurs if it is in the house of a malefic planet. This is also the arrangement when the Decanates are in these situations.