Questions about the births of males or females ||66||

1If Mercury is in its base-triplicity in a varga of Jupiter, or if a navamsa of Mercury is in the ascendant in a. varga of Jupiter, or if Jupiter is in the ascendant in a sign which possesses its (i.e., Jupiter’s) qualities and in a feminine varga, a son is born.
2Their influences are to be described as the planets are in each other’s houses or as their navamsas are in the ascendant; one should establish that a male or a female is born on the basis of the odd and even signs and of the planets.
3If Saturn is in an odd place from the ascendant and is aspected by a masculine planet, it establishes that a male is born. Or, if an odd sign is in the ascendant, one should know that a male is born; in the opposite case, a female.