Questions about food ||67||

1If the dvadasamsa of a benefit planet is in the ascendant and the sign is good, they say the food is good; if the dvadasamsa of a malefic planet is there in the house of a malefic, (the food) is uneaten or eating it gives no pleasure.
2If the odd places are forest signs, (the food) is bad; if town signs, the eater remains hungry; if a dvadasamsa of a benefit planet is in the ascendant in the house of a benefit, the food is dry.
3If the even places are ruled by benefit planets, the food is good and is well spiced; it is provided with the substances and qualities pertaining to the (significant) sign and is full of good flavors from the lord of its dvadasamsa.
4If the Sun is in the ascendant (the food) is dry meat; if the Moon, it is oily, wet, and sugary; if Jupiter, the food is good and superior for eating; if Venus, it is soft and varied, and has a sweet flavour;
5If Mars, one should say that it is the lowest of meats and flavours; if Mercury, it is perfected by being peppered; and if Saturn, it is stale and stinking. This is modified by the places, signs, dvadasamsas, and navamsas.
6One should consider (this matter) in the light of the lord of the Dvadasamsa in the ascendant combined with whatever pertains to its house, with the qualities of the planet which is in its house, and with the indications of the house of (that planet) which has entered (its house).
7If the sign in the ascendant is aspected by Mars, even if it is also aspected by a benefit planet, (the eating) is accompanied by vomiting and fainting. If a navamsa of Scorpio is in the ascendant, bright people admit that they will eat;
8if a navamsa of Capricorn, that they will drink; if a navamsa of Leo, they will say (the food) is rich with flesh of its own quality (i.e., a lion’s).