The rules relating to sleep ||68||

1(…) in the … sign from the ascendant is good for strewing the bed; if it is in the house of a benefic planet, one should say that it has good qualities; but if it is in the house of a malefic, it does not possess them.
2One should say that a planet in the ascendant between its dejection and its exaltation signifies the bed; (…)
3If it is in a forest sign, the bed-coverings are an antelope’s skin, or a hairy hide (…); if it is in a water sign, they are cold begonias; and if in a town sign, such things as kusa grass or woolens.
4If Venus is there, it is brightly colored; if the Sun, they say that it is woolen; if Jupiter, linen; if Mars, a red hide; if Mercury, such things as black skins; if the Moon, an animal skin which is offered for sale; and if Saturn, it is old.
5(…); if marsh signs or dry land signs are in the cardines, (…)
6They say that the head of the bed is a cardine, and that whether it is high or low depends on whether that sign is high or low; they say that the middle of the bed is the “double cardine” (i.e., the succedent or epanaphora), and that the end of the bed is the cadent sign.
7If the Moon is waning in a navmsa of Mars and is aspected by Saturn, (…); in a water sign or in the hypogee, he goes to sleep with the lamp blown out.
8If the Sun is in a varga of the Moon and Saturn is in the ascendant, (he goes to sleep) in an unilluminated (house); but if the Sun or Mars aspects the ascendant, the lord of the house goes to bed with his lamp bright.
9If the dvadasamsa occupied by Venus belongs to the house of the Sun, then the husband has intercourse (with his wife); if (Venus) is in its own varga, it gives intercourse with another man’s wife; in a varga of Jupiter, with an outstanding woman;
10In a varga of Mercury, with whores and actresses; and in a house of Saturn, with other men. If Venus is in (one of) these vargas in the ascendant, one should find that he has definitely had intercourse (of the type indicated).
11If a vargottamamsa is in the hypogee, or a planet, or whatever Dvadasamsa is there, from that one should determine the nature of the woman on the basis of the character arising from the sign, the planet, or the dvadasamsa.
12Good men say that the Moon is lord of the night and lord of sleep. Those modifications of the sleeper which arise from this and are called dreams originate in the Moon.
13If the Moon aspects the ascendant and the Sun, or the Sun in the descendent, or if the Moon itself is in the diameter of the ascendant (i.e., in the descendent), then it is determined that a dream is seen.