The rules relating to dreams from the signs ||69||

1If Aries (is in the ascendant), he sees gold, fire, peaks, swords, kings (ksitisvara), ministers (amatya), tribal chieftains (ganadhipa), white umbrellas, fans, banners, princes (parthiva), and emporia (pattana) (in his dream).
2If Taurus (is in the ascendant), he sees woods, gardens, fruits, herbs, women, cows, milk, food, ornaments, clothing, peacocks, snakes, quadrupeds, and farmers.
3If the third sign (Gemini) is in the ascendant, he sees his wife and sons, sports, instrumental music, men learned in singing, the crafts, and the traditions (sruti), bows, horses, heroes, and jacks of all trades.
4If the fourth sign (Cancer) is in the ascendant, he sees rivers, wells, groves, aquatic creatures, women, pilgrimages, sanctuaries of the gods, Brahmanas, garlands of lotuses and utpala-lotuses, deer, and birds.
5If Leo (is in the ascendant), one should say (that he sees) men who do fierce and horrible things, ghosts (Pretas), water, stones, peaks, flesh, bones, blood, men who are struck and wounded by swords, men who are confused by battle-cries and lamentations, cursing men, and tusked beasts.
6If the sixth sign (Virgo) (is in the ascendant), he sees women, clothes, perfume, Brahmanas, gods, Siddhas, water, landing-places, boats, rafts, jewels, ladies, ornaments, aquatic creatures, and friends.
7If Libra (is in the ascendant, he sees) gold, women, kings, generals (nayaka), cattle, elephants, Brahmanas, armies, vases, boys, fans, weapons, merchants, merchandise, and mahattaras.
8If Scorpio (is in the asccndant), he sees such things as creepen (valli), vines (lata), thickets, holes, snakes, stones, dung, vomit, bamboo, sexual intercourse, serpents, women, bulls, cowherds, poison, and food.
9If the ninth sign (Sagittarius) (is in the ascendant), he sees the sexual intercourse of a man and woman, sports, singing, musical instruments, elephants, birds, Brahmanas, deities, horses, the best of Brihmanas (vipra) who know the meaning of the sciences, elders (guru), sacrifices, and centaurs (narasva).
10If Capricorn (is in the ascendant), he sees obedient vassals (samanta), warriors, old men, evil women, exiles, sick and distressed men, lotuses, utpala-lotuses, ambhoruha-lotuses, fillets, metals (loha), grain, and wailing.
11If Aquarius (is in the ascendant, he sees) Mlecchas, Pisacas, mountain and water creatures, hunters and so on, Candalas, those who give away the food of others, peaks, forests, tigers, vintners, or women who are exiled across the waters.
12If Pisces is in the ascendant, (he sees) boats, gods, lamps, clouds, Brahmanas, women’s ornaments, toys, clothes, maidens, mirrors, and sandals.
13From the yoga of the ascendant-sign or the descendent-sign, which is realized on earth because of (the influence of) the lord (of that sign) or the Moon, if it possesses the strength of (that planet’s) period and position, one should proclaim aloud the rule relating to dreams.
14One should know that the indications relating to dreams are modified by what arises from that sign which, one says, has become influential because its navamsa is strong and in a cardine.