The way after death is completed ||43||

1The exit (of the soul from this world) is to a part of the many (other) worlds which is determined by (the lord of) the sixth place, the seventh place, the eighth place, or the Decanate (in one of these places); any other rule is unimaginable.
2(This part of the many worlds) is to be established as having the qualities of the place belonging to the lord of the Decanate by means of fixed rules which follow the natural order; when (the soul) is carried away (in death), it obtains from among the four paths of progress (open to it) that one which has the qualities of that (lord of the Decanates).
3There are three ways from the world of men at the time of death – horizontally, up, or down; when a man dies, his own qualities establish paths (for him) which have various sorts of castes, forms, and characteristics.
4If, at the time of death, (all) the benefit planets are in their own vargas in the signs of their exaltation and in cardines, or if the lord of the eighth place is a benefit and is in this yoga, it provides the way to the abode of the Sun (Suryaloka).
5If the benefit planets are in their exaltations in the sixth, seventh, or eighth place, they give the way to heaven; the malefic planets in this yoga cause rebirth among the Yaksas, Asuras, and Raksasas.
6If (the planets) are in their own houses, their friends’ navamsas, or their base -triplicities in the seventh or eighth places or the navamsas of the signs in those places, and if they are not overcome, they cause re-birth to occur in the world of men; the direction and the region (where the birth takes place) is determined by the birth-sign (and its lord).
7Their rebirth in a (particular) caste depends on the planet which is in the seventh or eighth place; (or), they say that the difference in caste depends on the sign which is in the descendent or which owns the dvadasamsa occupied by the (significant) planet.
8If the lords of the sixth, seventh, and eighth places are in their signs of dejection or their enemies’ houses in other planet’s navamsas, and if they are overcome and are diminished, dim, or rough, and if they are not aspected by benefit planets, they are seen (to lead) to (instant) death.
9When these same planets are overcome by malefic planets or aspected by malefics, and are in the houses of malefics, they cause re-birth among animals; the varieties (of animals) depend upon the natures of the (significant) signs.
10Thus has been described this rule for the whole world relating to conception, birth, livelihood, and death, with its characteristics, its results, and its permutations caused by the planets and the signs in (the course of) time.
11There is a certain unchanging rule produced by the yogas of planets and signs (in the horoscope) at the birth of men; they call it “his fate”. There is a similar (rule) in the yearly (horoscopes) of men.
12This (rule) is said by the experts to be of two sorts: “the fixed” and “the portentous.” Anything which is established by the birth-horoscope follows along in order over the course of time and is called fixed.
13But, as the planets pass through the signs which are said by good men to have been the positions of the seven planets at the (native’s) birth, they exercise an influence which is called “portentous.”
14That (method) having the nature of eight and possessing many characteristics and meanings, was announced on earth by him who causes the world to revolve; pertaining to genealogy and existing in the courses (of the planets), it is duly said to give results.
15The planets, by being in the houses of benefits or malefics, of their friends or their enemies, in their exaltations or dejections, or in their own vargas, by their strengths, and by their aspects through the combination of their dasas (with the astavarga), give results which are full of inconsistencies.
16Benefics planets, when strong, have a good influence; malefic planets, when strong, a bad influence; benefic planets aspected by benefics are good, but malefic planets aspected by malefics are not.
17If the lord of the dasa has the greatest strength, it destroys any evil that originates in the astavarga. All planets are influential when in the position of that (lord of the dasa); (the lord of the dasa) itself exercises its influence to the full.