The rule regarding dreams is finished ||70||

1Whatever is said to be the rule regarding dreams which arises from the signs, the same is to be said of the signs’ dvadasamsas; or a dream is to be described in accordance with the characteristics and forms of the Decanates, or as the navamsa of the (several) signs are in the ascendant.
2Because of the Sun being in Aries (in the ascendant), he sees in his dream such things as gold and kings, and quadrupeds; because of the Moon, water and women; because of Jupiter, advisors (mantrin), Brahmanas, and deities; because of Venus, women, men, and ornaments;
3Because of Mars, thieves, fire, and gold; because of Mercury, men who are learned in the meaning of the crafts; and because of Saturn, bonds, weapons, and quadrupeds.
4If the Sun is in Taurus, one should say that he dreams of elephants, forests, and quadrupeds; if the Moon, of women, kings, and deities; if Jupiter, of horses and steeds with beautiful markings; if Venus, of women’s limbs, clothes, and ornaments;
5If Mars, of armies, snakes, wasps, and quadrupeds; if Mercury, of clothes, maidens, and fruits; and if Saturn, of old women, metals (loha), and quadrupeds.
6If the Sun is in Gemini, he sees prominent men (mukhya), missiles, poison, and clothing; if the Moon, men endowed with asceticism, righteousness (dharma), and virtues; if Jupiter, Brahmanas who know the traditions (sruti) and sciences; if Venus, those who know the singing of women and music;
7If Mars, thefts, battles, and cruelties; if Mercury, maidens, noble people (aryajana), and Brahmanas; and if Saturn, eunuchs, lazy people, gamblers, and impure persons.
8If the Sun is in Cancer in the ascendent, one should say (that he dreams) of lotuses, carnivorous animals, and lords (isvara); if the Moon, of men who have increased in asceticism and of the wives of kings; if Jupiter, of men who stand by their own dharma and of gods; if Venus, of broths, drinks, and ointments;
9If Mars, of men who are eager to steal and carry off; if Mercury, of youths, lotuses, and rhinocerus; and if Saturn, of very old women and maimed and lazy men.
10Because of the Sun being in the fifth sign (Leo), he sees a tusked animal, gold, or a king; because of the Moon, men who are struck and distressed by bondage; because of Jupiter, advisors (mantrin), lords (isvara), pilgrims, and so forth; because of Venus, such things as metals (loha), water, houses, and drinks;
11Because of Mars, swords raised to the sky; because of Mercury, verbal fights and slaughters; and because of Saturn, things which are dead, struck, injured, split, and smashed.
12Because of the Sun being in the sixth sign (Virgo), he sees in his dream men whose swords are split and broken; because of the Moon, those who take refuge with their mothers and with Brahmanas; because of Jupiter, persons learned in dharma and the traditions (sruti); because of Venus, women, silver, and clothing;
13Because of Mercury, images of the gods and ascetics; because of Mars, lightning, flames, and thieves; and because of Saturn, weeping for those who have died or run away.
14Because of the Sun being in Libra, (he dreams of) the leader (mukhya) of men wandering through the wilderness; because of the Moon, of gems and ornaments on his wife; because of Jupiter, of Brahmanas, goats, or horses; because of Venus, of women and men who are foremost in the market-place;
15Because of Mars, of warriors and those who hold weapons in their hands; because of Mercury, of those who produce treasuries of such things as vessels, and wealth; and because of Saturn, of elders (vrddha), women, great men, those who are intent on ceremonies, or the highest people.
16If the Sun is in Scorpio, the man sees in his dream such things as carnivorous animals, fire, victims, and killer; if the Moon, lamentations for the dead and oppressed; if Jupiter, drugs, cows, possessions, and golden objects; if Venus, food, women, cows, and things which are prepared;
17If Mercury, grain and victuals; if Mars, injury from copper (tamra) swords and blood; and if Saturn, bondage, murder, impotence, and a lack of protection.
18Because of the Sun being in Sagittarius, he sees outstanding leaders (mukhya) or elephants; because of the Moon, Brahmanas, elders (guru), or gods; because of Jupiter, sacrifices, Brahmagas, horses, and elephants; because of Venus, spies, women, and elders (guru) ;
19Because of Mars, armies, gold, or kings; because of Mercury, Brahmanas and scribes; and because of Saturn, elders (vrddha), ascetics, or the initiated (diksa).
20If the Sun is in Capricorn, he sees in his dream wildernesses, robbers, and forest creatures; if the Moon, serving women and aquatic animals; if Jupiter, grain and fertile land; if Venus, bad women and ornaments of metal (loha);
21If Mars, a king or a eunuch who leads an army; if Mercury, what pertains to women, servants, and metal (loha); and if Saturn, the abodes of honored recluses or deer.
22If the Sun is in Aquarius, (he dreams of) kings, tusked beasts, and elephants; if the Moon, of ghosts (Preta), liquor, or water; if Jupiter, of yoked chariots, vehicles, or a city (pura); if Venus, of prostitutes and distillers;
23If Mars, of a warrior or maker of swords and bows; if Mercury, of gambler or frightful persons; and if Saturn, of men who are important because of their connection with ascetics or who have many wives.
24If the Sun is in the last sign (Pisces), he dreams of auspicious images of the king and his wife; if the Moon, of women and the wives of the best of saints (sadhu); if Jupiter, of ware-houses and Brahmanas; if Venus, of gods, treasures, or women;
25If Mars, of elephants or a broken and destroyed object; if Mercury, of Brahmanas, youths, or ascetics (yati); and if Saturn, of ghosts (Preta), Pisacas, or water-Raksasas.
26One should establish properly this procedure and the nature of the planet in the sign according to the rules; one should know the dreams from the planets and the signs and navamsas in the ascendant and descendent.
27If a dvadasamsa is in its own sign in a favorable ascendant, the dream receives the described influences of that sign; but if the dvadsamsa of another sign (is in the ascendant), the significance is changed by their established mutual modifications.
28Knowing that the signs (which rise) in one night are town signs, water signs, or forest signs, and movable, fixed, or of two natures, and knowing that the planets are either without friends or without enemies, one should establish the rule regarding dreams.
29Whatever was said to be the previously prescribed procedure with regard to evil in the rule concerning thoughts, they say it is also (true with respect to) dreams. (The dream) is good if the benefit planets are in good signs, but bad if the malefic planets are in had signs.