The rules relating to names ||72||

1(The first navamsa) in Aries (represents) the letter ka; in Cancer, ya; in Libra, ca; and in Capricorn, pa. (The second navamsa) in Aries is cha; in Cancer, a; in Libra, kha; and in Capricorn, pha.
2(The third navamsa) in Aries is ta; in Cancer, tha; in Libra, ta; and in Capricorn, tha. (The fourth navamsa) in Aries is ra; in Cancer, ja; in Libra, ba; and in Capricorn, ga.
3(The fifth navamsa) in Aries is 5; in Cancer, gha; in Libra, bha; and in Capricorn, jha. (The sixth navamsa) in Aries is dha; in Cancer, da; in Libra, dha; and in Capricorn, dha.
4(The seventh navamsa) in Aries is fia; in Cancer, ma; in Libra, da; and in Capricorn, la. (The eighth navamsa) in Aries is ka; in Cancer, pa; in Libra, ca; and in Capricorn, i.
5(The ninth navamsa) in Aries is na; in Cancer, ta; in Libra, na; and in Capricorn, ta. Thus have been described this (rule) for the movable signs; (now) I will tell that for the fixed ones.
6(The first navamsa) in Taurus is pha; in Leo, kha; in Scorpio, va; and in Aquarius, cha. The intelligent (astrologer) should determine (these aksaras) from the first navamsas in the fixed signs in order.
7(The second navamsa) in Taurus is ha; in Leo, ja; in Scorpio, i; and in Aquarius, ga. (The third navamsa) in Taurus is tha; in Leo, tha; in Scorpio, da; and in Aquarius, da.
8(The fourth navamsa) in Taurus is gha; in Leo, da; in Scorpio, jha; and in Aquarius, bha. (The fifth navamsa) in Taurus is iia; in Leo, u; in Scorpio, na; and in Aquarius, ma.
9(The sixth navamsa) in Taurus is dha; in Leo, r,o.; in Scorpio, dha; and in Aquarius, na. (The seventh navamsa) in Taurus is: a; in Leo, ca; in Scorpio, pa; and in Aquarius, ka.
10(The eighth navamsa) in Taurus, they say, is ii; in Leo, kha; in Scorpio, pha; and in Aquarius, cha. (The ninth navamsa) in Taurus, they say, is ta; in Leo, ta; in Scorpio, tha; and in Aquarius, tha.
11As for the two-natured signs, the first navamsa in Gemini is ja; in Virgo, ba; in Sagittarius, ga; and in Pisces, sa.
12(The second navamsa) in Gemini is gha; in Virgo, bha; in Sagittarius, jha; and in Pisces, e. (The third navamsa) in Gemini is da; in Virgo, dha; in Sagittarius, da; and in Pisces, dha.
13(The fourth navamsa) in Gemini is ma; in Virgo, ria; in Sagittarius, ha; and in Pisces, iia. (The fifth navamsa) in Gemini is pa; in Virgo, ca; in Sagittarius, ai; and in Pisces, ka.
14(The sixth navamsa) in Gemini is na; in Virgo, na; in Sagittarius, ta; and in Pisces, ta. (The seventh navamsa) in Gemini is kha; in Virgo, ya; in Sagittarius, cha; and in Pisces, pha.
15(The eighth navamsa) in Gemini is ja; in Virgo, o; in Sagittarius, ga; and in Pisces, ha. (The ninth navamsa) in Gemini is tha; in Virgo, da; in Sagittarius, tha; and in Pisces, da.
16The collection of the aksaras of names is of this sort, and is accomplished by the rules which have been given; but some wish that the afore-mentioned rule should be applicable in all the cardines.
17They multiply separately each cardine-sign by the number of the navamsa in the cardine-point and divide by nine; they know that the aksara is that of the lord of that (indicated) sign in the series of navamsas.
18Thus one ought to find the names of objects with regard to things which are thought of or desired or lost, with regard to those who are dead or injured, to sexual intercourse with women, or to food, and with regard to the classes of such things as dreams, stars, thoughts, and men.