The transits of Mars ||48||

1Mars in (its own) place causes victory and wealth; in the second it gives honour and gold; in the third it produces the loss and diminution of one’s gold; in the fourth success with regard to friends and money;
2In the fifth quarrels and the loss of one’s respect and wealth; in the sixth diseases, foes, and deceits; in the seventh it destroys sickness, fatigue, and enemies; in the eighth Mars causes honour, glory, and wealth;
3In the ninth Mars produces unrighteous (adharma) behaviour and jealousy; in the tenth eyeinjuries; in the eleventh the acquisition of gold and sons; and in the twelfth the loss of one’s wife and untruthful behaviour.
4Man in the place of the Sun causes work with fire (smelting); in the second a bilious disease oftentimes; in the third the destruction of one’s foes and the acquisition of copper (tamra) and gold; in the fourth it produces a disease of the limbs;
5In the fifth Mars produces honour and the acquisition of children; in the sixth victory, power, and good health; in the seventh diseases, wandering, and anger; and in the eighth an ailment caused by poison;
6In the ninth Mars produces authority, prosperity, and the destruction of one’s foes; in the tenth injury to one’s enemies; in the eleventh the acquisition of position, gold, and honour; and in the twelfth stumbling and disease.
7Mars in the place of Saturn causes success with regard to one’s deeds in battle; in the second money, prosperity, and respect; in the third it gives quarrels, injuries, and wounds; in the fourth it produces many attainments and power;
8In the fifth it destroys one’s sons, one’s enjoyment, one’s happiness, and one’s wealth; in the sixth it gives enemies and poison; in the seventh it restrains one’s foes, fears, and diseases; in the eighth it produces enemies, fatigue, and disease;
9In the ninth Mars gives respect and wealth; in the tenth it takes away honor and wealth; in the eleventh it produces profits from one’s business, goods, money, glory, and beauty; and in the twelfth it gives diseases of the eyes and wandering.
10Mars in the place of Jupiter gives enemies, (wounds from) swords, and diseases; in the second it takes away one’s thoughts; in the third it causes separation from one’s relatives and calamities; in the fourth illnesses of the genitals and belly;
11In the fifth it gives bilious (diseases), enemies, and separations; in the sixth it produces glory, the acquisition of money, and honor; in the seventh Mars causes offensive behavior by one’s wife and diseases; in the eighth death;
12In the ninth Mars (produces) poverty, removal, and reproach; in the tenth the acquisition of honor, glory, and wealth; in the eleventh the acquiring of position, sons, and money; and in the twelfth disease, hunger, and sickness of the blood.
13Mars in the place of Venus causes diseases of phlegm and blood; in the second the fear of fire; in the third separation from one’s wife and advisors and quarrels; in the fourth it gives (wounds from) swords and fire, envy, and fear;
14In the fifth it produces unkindness by one’s relatives and quarrels; in the sixth prosperity; in the seventh Mars gives a wife and a hoard; in the eighth gold and happiness;
15In the ninth it causes a change in the blood in the body; in the tenth poverty and pain; in the eleventh Mars gives gold and a son; in the twelfth garments.
16Mars in the place of Mercury causes an increase of one’s miseries and foes; in the second perplexity; in the third an increase in joy and pleasure; in the fourth fear of one’s enemies;
17In the fifth it gives enormous wealth and a son; in the sixth glory, honour, and property; in the seventh it gives illness of one’s wife, roaming, fatigue, and faults; in the eighth it causes imprisonment;
18In the ninth Mars causes the loss of one’s goods and disrespect; in the tenth indolence, envy, and the loss of one’s wealth; in the eleventh the acquisition of lands and gold; and in the twelfth wandering and theft.
19Mars in the place of the Moon causes grief because of kings, fire, wild animals, poison, burning, swords, diseases, distress, and the loss of one’s wealth; in the second poverty, envy, illness, and fraud;
20In the third it produces lordship, honor, brilliance, and joy, and gives food and gold; in the fourth Mars causes belly-aches, fevers, the pouring forth of one’s blood, and despair;
21In the fifth it gives the loss of one’s sons and money, wounds, quarrels, thefts, and diseases; in the sixth Mars causes the destruction of one’s foes, honour, joy, publicity, good health, and prosperity;
22In the seventh the loss of one’s wealth and property, miseries, diseases of the belly and eyes, and poverty; in the eighth Mars produces illnesses, poison, enemies, sword-wounds, loss, injuries, and poverty;
23In the ninth Mars causes sword-wounds, insults, the loss of one’s gold, jealousy, and wandering; in the tenth diseases, enemies, (wounds from) swords, quarrels, wounds, and illnesses, but afterwards success;
24In the eleventh it gives honor, sons, authority, lands, copper (tamra), gold, and brilliance, and conquer one’s enemies; and in the twelfth Mars gives quarrels with one’s wife, anxiety, diseases of the feet, sleepiness, breaking, and fatigue.
25Mars in the ascendant causes the destruction of one’s foes and increase in one’s authority, sons, lands, gold, brilliance, and joy; in the second place it destroys one’s position, wealth, and brilliance, and increases one’s quarrels;
26In the third Mars causes the appearance of strength, glory, position, good qualities, and joy; in the fourth Mars produces sword-wounds, fire-wounds, thefts, breaking, and losses;
27In the fifth place from the ascendant Mars causes the loss of one’s money, pain of one’s wife and sons, fear, and poverty; in the sixth Mars causes the destruction of one’s foes, the acquisition of property, pleasure, and joy;
28In the seventh Mars causes diseases of the genitals and eyes, an increase of bile, thefts, and the death of one’s wife; in the eighth Man gives bilious (diseases), fevers, blood-(sickness), fatigue, thieves, sword-wounds, losses, and distress;
29In the ninth it brings forth poverty, foes, and diseases, and destroys beauty and handsomeness; in the tenth place from the ascendant Mars produces wandering, enmity, thefts, wounds, and breaking;
30In the eleventh Man gives very brilliant objects of gold or copper (tamra) and children; and in the twelfth place from the ascendant it produces diseases of the feet and eyes, wounds, and robberies.