The transits of Mercury ||49||

1Mercury in its own place gives children, knowledge, and science; in the second it destroys speech and memory; in the third it destroys quarrels, diseases, and illness; in the fourth it produces insipidness in one’s speech and intelligence;
2In the fifth it gives success with respect to good qualities, fame, sons, and money; in the sixth victory; in the seventh Mercury causes disrespect, diseases, and illness; in the eighth it gives diseases and foes;
3In the ninth Mercury gives success with regard to good qualities and money; in the tenth honour and possessions; in the eleventh the acquisition of lands, gold, and garments; and in the twelfth honour from friends and money.
4Mercury in the place of the Sun destroys virility and the begetting (of children); in the second it destroys property; in the third it causes fear of one’s friends which is stirred up by one’s enemies; in the fourth separation from one’s family (kutumba);
5In the fifth Mercury produces position, fame, and renown; in the sixth it gives intelligence and wealth; in the seventh Mercury causes non-agitation and ascetic indifference; in the eighth it gives diseases and strife;
6In the ninth Mercury produces money, knowledge, firmness, and righteousness (dharma); in the tenth it destroys the good; in the eleventh Mercury gives the acquisition of lands and quadrupeds; and in the twelfth science and happiness.
7Mercury in the place of Saturn gives benefits, joys, and brilliance; in the second lands and wealth; in the third it causes breaking, wandering, diseases, and anger; in the fourth victory, gain, joy, and money;
8In the fifth the destruction of one’s possessions and sons; in the sixth wind(-diseases), blows from boulders, and fevers; in the seventh Mercury causes payments and beauty; in the eighth gain;
9In the ninth it gives wealth and honour; in the tenth it produces position, wealth, and money; in the eleventh Mercury causes the acquisition of lands, wealth, and gold; and in the twelfth disease.
10Mercury in the place of Jupiter gives the destruction of one’s wealth and knowledge; in the second it takes away friends and property; in the third it destroys joy and strength; in the fourth Mercury gives strife and delusion;
11In the fifth Mercury (causes) the loss of one’s wealth and honor; in the sixth victory, good health, wealth, and children; in the seventh loss and disease; in the eighth the acquisition of wealth is predicted;
12In the ninth (it causes) wounds, distress, and delusions; in the tenth (diseases of the) blood, fatigue, and the loss of one’s possessions; in the eleventh goods and prosperity; and in the twelfth it gives fear.
13Mercury in the place of Venus gives sons, women, and sciences; in the second noble wealth; in the third honour and victory; in the fourth a collection of multi-colored paintings;
14In the fifth Mercury produces cows, lands, and children; in the sixth diseases and the loss of one’s money; in the seventh the loss of one’s wife, sons, and possessions; in the eighth success with regard to wealth and honour;
15In the ninth Mercury causes the acquisition of friends and money; in the tenth the loss of one’s wealth and fatigue; in the eleventh it causes the gaining of women, gold, clothes, and food; and in the twelfth success.
16Mercury in the place of Mars and in the second place gives wealth which produces at a good interest-rate; in the third it causes disrespect from others and weariness; in the fourth friends, glory, and honour;
17In the fifth it gives expenses, wandering, and poverty; in the sixth an increase in one’s foes and diseases; in the seventh Mercury causes the acquisition of women, beautiful girls, and food; and in the eighth honour;
18In the ninth Mercury produces success with regard to honor and wealth; in the tenth joy, authority,and glory; in the eleventh success with regard to money; and in the twelfth the desired reversal of evil.
19Mercury in the place of the Moon takes away friendship, knowledge, intellect, and honor; in the second it produces reproaches, pains, quarrels, the interruption of one’s business, and poverty;
20In the third Mercury causes obstruction by one’s relatives, diseases, and calamity with respect to one’s wealth; in the fourth the acquisition of honour, good qualities, praise, pleasure, women, andwealth;
21In the fifth Mercury produces calumny, anxiety, purposeless roaming, and distress; in the sixth it causes prosperity, mental joy, and the accumulation of power and possessions;
22In the seventh Mercury causes evil, journeys, torment, poverty, and the obstruction of one’s wealth; in the seventh the help of wise men, intelligence, favour, status, and joy;
23In the ninth breaking, reproaches, wandering, fatigue, illness, and torments; in the tenth Mercury gives success in business, the acquisition of money, and the respect of men who have confidence in one;
24In the eleventh it produces honor, quadrupeds, women, friends, money, beauty, and pleasure; in the twelfth Mercury causes anxiety and fatigue from one’s work.
25Mercury in the ascendant gives lordship, possessions, friends, women, ideas, knowledge, beauty, fame, and quadrupeds; in the second place it gives voice, intelligence, wealth, and friends;
26In the third it causes the attainment of harshness from one’s relatives, separation from one’s wife, and the loss of one’s beauty; in the fourth Mercury gives friends, money, honour, knowledge, glory, relatives, and good qualities;
27In the fifth it gives an increase in one’s beauty, the acquisition of sons and possessions, honor, and intelligence; in the sixth Mercury takes away beauty and wealth and gives dishonor, poverty, and strife;
28In the seventh Mercury gives good health, joy, the destruction of evil, and happiness; in the eighth it causes diseases, mental distraction, wanderings, and quarrels, and takes away friendship and intelligence;
29Inth the acquisition of eloquence, the fine arts, sexual intercourse, women, honour, and wealth, and brilliance;
30In the eleventh Mercury gives the acquisition of women, friends, happiness, sons, and money, publicity, and the praise of wise men; and in the twelfth from the ascendant it produces strife and infamy.